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last 28 - first 91

a programme created to help you prepare for and navigate a clean, respectful and diligent exit from your old role and a successful, comfortable and effective entrance into your new role

Thank you for the support.  Today in particular, your question about over-delivery and the precedent it sets really struck me as the exact unconscious stress I've been struggling to identify

Andy King

Moving role in the not-for-profit sector is an interesting prospect.  The fairly flat structures, particularly in small and mid scale charities, can mean that you need to "move out to move up".  And so it is not uncommon for those in the sector to change roles 2, 3 or even 4 times in their first 10 years.  


If your new role is with a different organisation, especially for those with a number of years under their belt in their former role, it can be very hard to cope with being the new person and having to learn, sometimes from scratch, about your new organisation and the way it operates.


If your new role is with the same organisation, the challenge comes from having to make a gravitas transition into your new role and new responsibilities, and for your colleagues to recognise and accept that transition also - how Do you go about line-managing the people who were your peers last week?

The first 90 days of a new role can determine your success or failure and have implications for the rest of your career. 

Initial impressions are crucial since perceptions are formed quickly and, although they may be based on limited information, once formed they typically stick


Michael Watkins

So, you've found yourself here, which generally means one of four things: -

  1. You've started a new job recently and have realised some "you" focussed help and support would be really useful

  2. You've been offered a new job and you've now got to hand in your notice, and hopefully negotiate a productive and good-natured exit from your existing charity and prepare for the new role; or

  3. You've already handed in that notice, you're starting the new role next week and you've suddenly realised you've got to live up to everything you promised in your job-winning interview (and more); or 

  4. You're thinking about moving on and have been applying for a few things but haven't actually been offered a new role yet

If your answer to any of these is 'yes' and any of the challenges below resonate with where you are and how you're feeling at the moment, then this is the course for you.

(if you're here by accident and were looking for something completely different, why not read on anyway?  You may find yourself wanting to be a 1, 2, 3  or 4 by the end of it!)

If you're already working in the not-for-profit or public sectors, you already know what an amazing space it is to work it.  But, the chances are, you also know of some of its foibles and challenges - if you've not experienced them first hand you may well have seen or heard of them from others


Stress, overwhelm and burn-out aren't entirely common place, but they're definitely on the increase, and pressure from many angles, internal and external, aren't helping those statistics.  Over-delivery and striving to achieve unrealistic expectations in your first 3-months in role are not sustainable and could be setting you up for further challenge or a fall

The jump between roles and the on-the-hoof learning needed to hit the ground running can come as more of shock than you had expected

And the relationships both internal and external, you need to develop and cement quickly can also be tricky to navigate

And, if you're moving into your first job in the sector, then you're in for some surprises - the culture shift is not to be underestimated

do you want to:

create an exit for yourself from your current role that lets you feel like you did everything you could to do justice to your colleagues, your beneficiaries and your supporters AND leave enough room to still have some life outside of work?

work through a guided process to help define how you want to approach your new role, identify your own strengths and the areas you believe you will find most challenging and create a plan to address these?

outline your own plans for the induction and on-boarding process, and design your entrance into the new role?

maximise the benefits of being the new person and the learning, relationship-building and scene-setting opportunities that this once-only circumstance allows?

minimise the risks of unsustainable and unhealthy overwhelm and over-delivery?

what can you expect from the Last 28 First 91  programme


Last 28 / First 91 has been specifically designed to support those working in the charity sector, to successfully and “stresslessly”, make the move into a new role


The formal programme offers support from the point at which you formally accept the new job offer to the end of your first quarter in post.  


Ongoing programme and peer support is available indefinitely via a closed facebook group of current and alumni clients)


We will work through a guided programme covering people, politics, positioning, perception and planning, to ensure you sail through your first 90 days and emerge the other side with the reputation and recognition from those above, below and around you, that you have chosen to create.


You will design your own transition, decide on who you want to be and how you want to be perceived, and we will create a blueprint to enable you to do so

the programme includes

  • An initial one-to-one zoom support session to talk through the new role, your hopes and fears, and to identify the main challenges and to outline the key achievements and wins you need to make, in order to define your own bespoke course

  • Fortnightly zoom sessions to share progress, successes, failures and ideas, and to work though the key First 90Days focus areas and to  to drill down into the detail of your individual situation and progress

  • Email follow-up, accountability and support in-between the calls

  • Lifetime access to the course materials, email support and the Alumni facebook group for continued support and to help learn from shared experience

  • (plus an option to extend the support in a 'lite' form for the second 90 days)

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Hi, I'm


I’m a Roffey Park Management & Leadership-trained, charity sector professional, with 15+ years’ experience of recruiting and onboarding colleagues into Fundraiser, Management and Leadership roles.


I’ve worked with some well-known charities in the arts and caring /hospice sectors and, having worked freelance for some time, have had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune and hone my own approach to starting a new role as well as in observing and learning from the experiences of others


I have a particular interest in the wellbeing of those working in the charity sector.  Experiencing a badly (or un) planned or executed induction or introduction to starting a new role, has been identified as a common cause of stress and anxiety for people in our sector.   I’m keen to use my experience and learning to help ensure that individuals are as prepared possible themselves, regardless of any provision from the new employer

sign up now and invest in yourself and your success in your new role

I know what it's like to work in the charity sector.  And I know that amazing glow-inside feeling when you're experience and expertise is acknowledged and you're offered a new role


But I also know that start of a new role can also be really nerve-wracking: you join a team who are all operating at full speed, your instinct is to leap straight in, to help, to make a difference.  But when you don't know where the paper is, how the IT system works, or indeed, how anything works within the team, that feeling of uselessness is disconcerting.

It is widely accepted that it can take around 6 months to get up to speed in a new role.  Why not make your own plan?  Embrace the things you cannot change, timetable in your learning about the new charity and new team, but put that other pent-up enthusiasm and usefulness and start working on the things you can affect and you can achieve

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Still have questions?

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click on one of the options below, sign up today, and book your initial intro session.  Or if you're still not sure, book a call with me and we can talk it through further

To make access easier, there's also a payment plan, giving you the option of making the payment over 3 months (the duration of the programme)

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