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about me

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just claire

embarrassing mum, forgetful wife, fierce ally, netflixer, occasional potty-mouth and soap-box ranter, cancer survivor, poor own-advice taker, squad member and  loyal friend

This is me - the real, at home, selfie-photo, laughter-lined, grey-rooted, stuff in the background, me - Claire Warner​​ - regularly found in a slogan hoodie and much of the time, totally 'winging it'!

I'm married to the long-suffering Mr W and we live with our two daughters, Warners Tall and Small, and Maddie the horse, and Rowan the dog, on the side of the Pennines in Lancashire

My great passions are coffee, blue cheese, live music, stand-up comedy, netflix, holidays and Team Warner

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work claire

Claire Warner, BA (Hons), FRSA, MInstLM, MCIOF, Founder - Claire Warner Wellbeing and Charity Workplace Wellbeing Summit

I'm Claire Warner, a Roffey Park Institute trained former Fundraising Director and Charity Senior Leader, turned award-winning workplace wellbeing consultant & management coach

Welcome to my little corner of the internet covering all things wellbeing, life balance, management expertise & confidence and workplace culture for purpose-driven people, with a smattering of non-work Claire and the other members of Team Warner for good measure.

how I got here


I was born, the eldest daughter of a Baptist Minister Dad and a French Teacher Mum

My Dad left the church and went to work for Oxfam - a move that shaped my future

We moved "up north" and I went to our local primary and then comprehensive schools. I was a very shy child (still am!) and developed a love of music and animals

I went to study my A-Levels at Chethams School of Music, with the intention of becoming a professional orchestral musician

I left Chethams School of Music with 3 good A-levels and went to uni in Hull with the intention of NOT becoming a professional orchestral musician

I applied for (and not-surprisingly didn't get) a sponsorship manager role at the Halle Orchestra, but instead they created me a trainee fundraisers role (I've never looked back)

I went to work at Opera North in Leeds as Sponsorship Manager

I was appointed as Head of Fundraising at Imperial War Museum North, to complete the capital appeal and open the Museum  (did Roffey Park Institute Manager, Leader and Coaching programmes)

I left IWM (preferring fundraising to people management!) to set up as a freelance fundraiser, and worked with some amazing client organisations, large and small

Added interim and trouble-shooter roles to my freelance portfolio and successfully undertook some brilliant projects, some of my proudest work

I became a mum and Warner Tall was born (obviously not known as Tall then) I took 10 weeks' maternity leave. This had a huge impact on my interest in nurturing people in the workplace as well as at home

Warner Small was born (3 weeks early). I had to submit a Hospice UK grant application on my phone from my hospital bed when she was 1 day old. I took 3 weeks' maternity leave (see, wellbeing hasn't always been on my radar!)

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and life stopped for 10 months

Physical treatment was successfully completed.  Mental health nose-dived and I gave up work completely

After 6-months of mental health support, learning, research and training, Claire Warner Wellbeing was created with a focus on individual and workplace wellbeing

I ran the UK charity sector's first formal piece of wellbeing research, Charity Well and ran workshops and spoke at LOTS of sector conferences on the subject of wellbeing

In response to the wellbeing nose-dive caused by the pandemic (and the cancellation of all my paid work) I created a number of online, easy access and people-centred programmes, including SHINE, my free 5-day wellbeing challenge. And I won the Best Digital Leader Award at the Social CEOs awards for these and the wellbeing research

I created the Charity Workplace Wellbeing Summit, which I run with Fundraising Everywhere; I launched Thrive - my programme for Fundraising leaders; I ran the pilot of Motivate, my management knowledge, skill and confidence programme; and was named one of Charity Times'  20 "Pandemic Pioneers"

Launch of the first full cohort of Motivate, launch of CLUB2190 , a new wellbeing and life-balance membership for sector professionals, and who knows what else???

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Vision & Mission

to improve the lives of those who have chosen to devote their careers to doing good in the world, and the organisations they work in and for


by championing the benefits & value of putting wellbeing at their core (individually & organisationally)

and then helping them to do so


These six values run through the core of my life as well as underpinning my work

They dictate who I will and won't work with; how I work; how I approach work; what you can expect of me; what I expect of you and where you will see me voice my opinions and help amplify the voices of others

I am a typical WYSIWIG - what you see is what you get - I LOVE work, but I also love to get away from work


I am passionate and compassionate.  I am a bit soap-boxy and a bit sweary,  but it all comes from a place of wanting to do my bit to help those who want to change the world, to do so from a well-supported and well-centred place

My values are: nurture | loyalty | passion

| integrity | balance | fun

want to know more?

In July 2019, I was invited to chat with podcasting legends Kenneth Foreman and James Wright, as a guest on their Do More Good Podcast, to talk about life, wellbeing and everything in between.  The interview took place in a bar at IOF Convention (the best place for a podcast interview, yes?)

There's a bit of everything in there.  Click on the image to take a  listen 

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