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fundraiser wellbeing research

In 2019 I undertook what I a piece of research into the wellbeing of Fundraisers and other professionals working in the nonprofit sector.  Over 1000 people took part, 703 of whom were fundraisers

The findings of the research were carried in Civil Society's Fundraising and Governance & Leadership publications

You can download a copy of the Fundraising article.  If using or quoting information from it, please reference the Claire Warner Charity Well Research

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daily wellbeing tracker

This wellbeing planner & tracker is the exact tracker I use to plan my days and weeks

It covers sleep, meals, breaks, water intake, essential work tasks, essential house tasks, and reminders for the essential elements that make up our wellbeing

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best not stressed

Best Not Stressed is a free facebook community for purpose driven people looking to make a difference in the world without sacrificing their own wellbeing

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fundraiser survival kit

Finally, and on a light-hearted note, one evening, while being my usual introverted self and having done my obligatory hour of "peopling" at a conference, I was hiding in my hotel bedroom and came up with the idea of creating something to make fundraisers smile on the days when smiles are in short supply.

The kit is meant to be funny and is not intended to be a genuine aid for survival, nor to offend