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Not everyone who has recognised a need or desire to make change, can afford to make a start with paid solutions.

While we do operate as a business and are proud of the price points we offer our work at, we also believe passionately in wanting to offer something that is accessible for everyone.

So, in addition to All Being Well, our brand new weekly podcast filled with theory, comment, challenge and chat on all things workplace and individual wellbeing, the other free content on this page has also been created to help you make a start.

You-ser Manual

A Managers’ Guide to creating a you-ser manual for you and your colleagues, designed to help build and strengthen communication, relationships and understanding in purpose-driven teams

There is an abundance of data which proves that engaged, well-communicated-with and collectively-purpose-driven teams outperform their disengaged, badly communicated-with, siloed colleagues by significant margins.

When colleagues know and understand more about themselves and each other, teams fly!

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What can you do if

My FREE download with instantly actionable tools if...

a) your wellbeing is being dismissed by your Manager 

and / or

b) you want to improve workplace wellbeing for your colleagues but you don't know where to start

All Being Well

All Being Well is our brand new individual & workplace wellbeing audio blog / podcast for purpose-driven professionals working in the charity, notprofit and social enterprise world

Listen to the latest episode below

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Wellbeing & Life Balance

wellbeing & life balance workbook

Do you know you want to improve your wellbeing and bring better balance to your life, but don't know where to start?

Grab your copy of my FREE workbook, designed to help you to start to think through some of the elements of wellbeing and life balance and identify what you want to change and how

wellbeing for good

Wellbeing for Good is a free facebook community for purpose driven people looking to make a difference in the world without sacrificing their own wellbeing

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fundraiser wellbeing research

In 2019 I undertook what I a piece of research into the wellbeing of Fundraisers and other professionals working in the nonprofit sector.  Over 1000 people took part, 703 of whom were fundraisers

The findings of the research were carried in Civil Society's Fundraising and Governance & Leadership publications

You can download a copy of the Fundraising article.  If using or quoting information from it, please reference the Claire Warner Charity Well Research

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daily wellbeing tracker

This wellbeing planner & tracker is the exact tracker I use to plan my days and weeks

It covers sleep, meals, breaks, water intake, essential work tasks, essential house tasks, and reminders for the essential elements that make up our wellbeing

if there's a freebie you'd like to see added let us know!

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