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Claire Warner, award-winning

workplace wellbeing & culture consultant

As a former Fundraising & Comms Director, I understand the conflict of wanting to be a great leader, enjoying a full and happy life inside and outside of work; and the pressure of always feeling I need to ask more of myself and my team.  The frustration of feeling like there has to be another way, but not knowing how to achieve it


I also know what it's like to try to return to that high-pressure environment after life-changing illness. 


That’s why my mission is simple: to share the workplace and individual wellbeing knowledge and expertise I've gained and developed over the last 5 years, and to give my charity and social enterprise clients the skills, tools and resources they need to create happy, healthy, vibrant and successful workplaces and teams

My work focuses on the 3 pillars of workplace wellbeing: 1) organisational culture 2) management skill & confidence; and 3) personal wellbeing & life balance

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what could we achieve together?

I'm passionate about helping people and organisations in the charity & social enterprise sectors to prioritise and benefit from workplace wellbeing, management skill & confidence, and balance


my signature 6-month

wellbeing-led management coaching & training programme designed specifically for managers in charities, non-profit and social enterprise organisations

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improve your life balance. Private membership to help and support you to make and maintain changes that will help improve balance and wellbeing


whether you're looking for help to start your organisation's wellbeing journey; you need someone to advocate for workplace wellbeing with your Trustees;  you need a full wellbeing strategy; you'd like some workshops and training for colleagues; or a bit of more than one of these - I'd love to help!

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what can you do if...

My FREE download with instantly actionable tools if...

a) your wellbeing is being dismissed by your Manager 

and / or

b) you want to improve workplace wellbeing for your colleagues but you don't know where to start


workplace wellbeing summit

in April 2021, we curated the UK's first charity sector workplace wellbeing summit, hosted by our amazing friends at Fundraising Everywhere. With speakers such as Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Beth Kanter, Simon Blake, Liz LeClair and colleagues from The Timpson Group, The Children's Society, and British Red Cross, it was a value-packed event .  And beauty of an online summit is you can record it so that people can enjoy and benefit from it in the future!

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you-ser manual

A Managers’ Guide to creating a you-ser manual for you and your colleagues, designed to help build and strengthen communication, relationships and understanding in purpose-driven teams

There is an abundance of data which proves that engaged, well-communicated-with and collectively-purpose-driven teams outperform their disengaged, badly communicated-with, siloed colleagues by significant margins.

When colleagues know and understand more about themselves and each other, teams fly!


wellbeing research

In 2019 I undertook a piece of research into the wellbeing of Fundraisers and other professionals working in the nonprofit sector.  Over 1000 people took part, 703 of whom were fundraisers

The findings of the research were carried in Civil Society's Fundraising and Governance & Leadership publications

You can download a copy of the Fundraising article.  If using or quoting information from it, please reference the Claire Warner Charity Well Research

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why workplace wellbeing?

For organisations to be successful, they need the right people in the right roles, with the right tools and resources.  But much more than that, they also need those people to be physically and mentally well, to be motivated and coached by skilled managers, to see their part in and to be led towards a common goal by inspiring leaders, and to be encouraged and empowered to do their best work.  In many organisations, the first happens, but not the second, and desired success does not follow

Focus on increasing workplace wellbeing contributes to improving job satisfaction, which in turn increases work quality,  productivity and performance right across an organisation.  And job satisfaction-led improved performance leads to further job satisfaction and further improved performance and success - who doesn't want that?

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