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I help charity and

not for profit organisations & professionals

recognise the true value and benefit of

putting culture and wellbeing at their core,

and then help them to do so

culture & wellbeing?

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The priority of any organisation or individual HAS to be to

identify, create and nurture the circumstances and environments in which they are

able to benefit from and be at their absolute best

Get me at my best and you get Awesome!

Get me permanently tired, stretched and stressed, and you get significantly less!

- you and those who rely on us, are being short-changed

In a sector devoted to changing and improving the lives of others,

where values rule, and demonstrable best-possible-use of money and resource is key,

isn't anything else irresponsible?




12-months of access to specialist knowledge, advice, learning and support from a stellar group of resident specialists, plus peer support, accountability, planning, mentoring, cheer-leading for the leader of your fundraising team

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My Story

BA (Hons) MInstF FRSA

Claire Warner 

creator of good culture
| defender of wellbeing | guardian of great management

Claire is an award-winning, Roffey Park Institute &  Management Centre-trained fundraising and charity senior leader; turned consultant & mentor, with a passion for helping individuals and organisations create and operate in an environment where their best is possible every day.

She's also a wife, a mum, a hill dweller, a cancer survivor, a bad but enthusiastic "mum-dancer", and a lover of cheese, Netflix, life-balance and executive lounge wear*

A significant and perspective-changing period of illness was the catalyst for the move to focus on how to help people and teams make everything else about work and life so good, that *all they have to worry about is getting on with the job they love

Claire now works on consultancy projects helping teams and organisations work organisational culture and on one (or more) of the five key areas of wellbeing; and offers mentoring for individuals who want support and confidence to stretch themselves to new responsibilities or roles; to improve their own skills, techniques and confidence; or work towards improving their own personal wellbeing and resilience.



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Working with Your Organisation

Whether you're looking for:


  • support with workplace wellbeing, ongoing uncertainty or support for a team member specifically; or

  • someone to lead and implement a People & Culture programme across your organisation; or

  • some management skills & confidence training / refresher coaching; or

  • to have me (temporarily) as your head of Workplace Culture & Wellbeing


please know that all things (well, most things!) are possible

It is really important to me that I am able to balance the delivery of my own programmes and working in organisations across the sector focusing on larger projects and in-house delivery. 


So whether it's something like one of these suggestions, or something completely different, I'd LOVE to find out more about your organisation and its culture, management and wellbeing, what your needs are, and what I could do to help you design, deliver and implement them

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Working with You Personally

My work with individuals normally falls under the definition of mentoring or coaching or a bit of both


Either - you choose to purchase one of my workshops or take part in one of my programmes:

The workshops tend to be shorter, self-self study courses that you buy, have life-time access to, and work through in your own time.


The programmes are longer term group courses designed to meet specific needs and enable you develop or effect change in areas relating to culture, management and wellbeing in your home and work lives

Or - we work together on a one-to-one or one-to-few basis in a mentoring or coaching relationship.  This might be as a one-off session just to help you through a particular situation or challenge, or as part of a longer term relationship around a change in role, leadership, responsibilities, confidence, employer, or circumstance

more about my work with individuals

Always remember

you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem,

smarter than you think, and loved more than you will ever know

A. A. Milne

Hear from a Client

don't just take my word for it,
hear from someone who has worked with me


Partnerships Manager,
Remarkable Partnerships

Claire is hungry to help you achieve what is best for you as an individual as well as the organisation, and more than anyone else I’ve worked with, sees that these two things often overlap more than you expect

If you want to work with someone who will challenge your thinking, support your growth and be a constant source of calm,

Claire is your woman

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Coffee with Claire (or Tea with Me)

The success of any working relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, integrity and connection

The 30-minute Coffee Call is offered with no-obligation so we can find out a bit more about each other; about the challenge, development or area that you are looking for information about or support in delivering; and we can get to know about how each work and our potential working 'fit'

Availability - I am now booking mentoring slots for February and March and booking consultancy work with new clients from March


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