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Claire Warner

Management Coach &
Workplace Culture Strategist

programmes, coaching and consultancy for nonprofit social enterprise and profit-for-good CEOs, Fundraising Directors, Senior Leaders and their organisations


What do we do?

We use wellbeing as both the catalyst and (part of) the solution in helping organisations and the people within them deliver their best at work and rest

Get me at my best and you get Awesome!

Get me permanently tired, stretched and stressed;

distracted by internal politics and pockets of toxic culture;

or (and?) torn by conflicting priorities;

and you get significantly less!

You, and those who rely on our mission, are being short-changed.

The priority of every organisation HAS to be to create and nurture a culture in which colleagues are best able to deliver their best, and their purpose

In a sector devoted to change and improving the lives of others, where values rule, and demonstrable best-possible-use of money and resource is key,

isn't anything else irresponsible?

I'm Claire Warner, a former Fundraising Director and Charity Senior Leader, turned workplace culture & wellbeing specialist. 

I've worked with colleagues to create a selection of programmes, courses and consultancy offers for CEOs Fundraising Directors and other SLT members, to support the improvement of workplace culture & wellbeing AND of personal wellbeing

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"If everyone had Claire's passion for workplace wellbeing, the world would be a much better place"    Simon Blake OBE, CEO MHFA England

Claire is an award-winning, Roffey Park Institute-trained senior leader and workplace culture & wellbeing consultant, with a passion for helping organisations and the individuals within them thrive in an environment where their best is not only possible, but supported and celebrated

She's the Founder of Charity Well, a research study into the wellbeing of fundraisers; and is Curator of The Charity Wellbeing Summit

She's also a wife, a mum of two girls (and a pony & a dog), a hill-dweller, a cancer survivor, and a lover of coffee, cheese, music, Netflix, life-balance and executive lounge wear (pyjamas)



Working with you, your team and your organisation

Workplace Wellbeing & Culture Consultanc
Claire Warner Programmes for Fundraising
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The culture of an organisation and the wellbeing of its colleagues are the BIGGEST influencing factors on its performance, productivity, people turnover, and ultimately, delivery of its purpose

How could make your culture even better?


The genesis of my whole consultancy business started out with the question "what can I offer to Fundraising Directors that I know they need and that I also know they would accept"

The programmes and coaching I offer today fit those criteria


The emotional intelligence, people skills and management abilities of managers throughout your organisation are key to the success of everything and everyone,

How well do you / your managers, manage?


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Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of the people who have already worked with us think!

Emma Malcom - Thrive Testimonial.jpg

Thrive is fast-becoming my non-negotiable.  Having the space and support to focus every week on a different area of fundraising really appealed to me. I'm SO pleased I joined. 

Where else can you get access to THE best people for each individual income stream, and also have the support of Claire, who just totally understands fundraising and how you keep yourself and your team well. Plus you learn loads from the other Thrive members

It's my favourite 90-minutes of the week

Emma Malcolm - Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Macular Society