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in October 2022, we split the two sides of our work under two separate brands

is now the home of our work with teams, organisations, and "work you", focussed on "lifting" workplace culture, management skill & confidence, and colleague wellbeing. We also share blogs, vlogs, freebies and 'how-to's, and our Charity Wellbeing research

is where you'll find our work for you as an individual looking to carve out space to focus on yourself and whatever changes or challenges you're facing. It's also where you'll find Claire blogging about living life differently after surviving breast cancer

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workplace culture, management & wellbeing consultancy

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helping organisations to develop their own way of delivering incredible results
whilst, not breaking, their staff

Hey There


personal growth & life balance coach
workplace culture & wellbeing strategist
tnbc cancer survivor
entrepreneur, public speaker, blogger, podcast host

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