but what about you? why are you here?

If you've not stumbled across me by accident, I'm guessing you're here because you're looking for some support, maybe some mentoring and coaching, maybe for some extra resource, or just some solidarity. A friend by your side, someone to hug you one day and kick your ass the next, a right-hand woman, an 8th day in the week.  Or, you're a charity CEO or Trustee and you're looking for some impartial advice, research, or short term support.

There could be any number of reasons you've found me

CEO / General Manager / Trustee

Ω You are a charity Chief Executive, General Manager or Trustee and you're looking for support for an existing member of staff, either on focus during a tough period, or to help develop their skills and experience to enable them to progress within their existing role, or you've spotted the potential for progression and promotion in someone but they're not quite yet ready for the role with their current skills and experience, but you don't have time to support their development yourself but you certainly  don't want to lose them

You possibly haven't yet appointed a fundraiser and are keen to do so but want to make sure you're looking at the right role to deliver what your organisation needs and you need to sense / compatibility check your current thinking with your expectations for the person and the post

You and your Trustees are possibly worried by the turnover rate of your fundraising staff, or by the "lack of good fundraisers out there" and need someone to assess your current situation and what your expectations should be - be aware, this might possibly result in a reality check!

Existing Fundraising Manager

Ω You are already working in Charity Fundraising (or maybe  Comms, Management or Admin) and you're looking for some quick fixes, some templates and some light coaching or training in order to hone your craft, to develop your skills and to allow you to do more or do things differently in order to work smarter not harder

Ω You are already a Manager within the Charity Sector but you're starting with the niggling of self-doubt. In the cold light of day, you recognise the role you're actually doing has morphed way beyond the role you initially applied for.  But there is a nagging doubt that creeps up on you on occasions that questions whether you can do this as well as you should

• Possibly, that niggling has promoted itself to full-on overwhelm and you can't see the wood for the trees.  To make things worse, you're getting madder at yourself for not being able to do so and now you're worried the niggle is right

Or maybe you're now at crunch point.  You love your job and you love the sector, but you're starting to resent and regret things and you wonder if a checkout at Tesco wouldn't be easier on your addled mind

Future Fundraising Manager

Ω You have been in charity fundraising for a couple of years now are are ready to start thinking about a  senior fundraising or manager role and are looking for some mentoring and support in how to get there, how to encourage your existing employer to invest time an effort in you and in allowing you to learn in-situ, and where to look and what the options are if they won't

 You are the line manager or CEO of a Future Fundraising Manager and you want to invest in their development and support their career progression with a view to retaining their employ

New to Fundraising

Ω You are in your first fundraising role in the charity sector and your sponge-like eagerness to learn has brought you here by way of a google search and its resulting rabbit hole.  You are currently existing on 120% passion, 120% enthusiasm and 30% knowledge and want to even out those ratios





Whatever is the Why that you've found me, I can offer you help and support: -


 a one-off coaching session to work through a specific issue or challenge; 


 an online training programme that you can work through at your own pace but in real time and tailored to your particular need, and with supporting documents to help you implement and embed the work as you go along; 


 a 6-month coaching programme to help you up-level with confidence, new skills and back-up; 


 a piece of consultancy work to help deliver a project and actually lighten your load

• a staff wellbeing and organisational culture enhancement project


 or someone to remind you that you do know what you're doing, that sometimes the best of us take on too much and don't want to admit we can't cope, and to help you emerge from the fog feeling energized, motivated, confident and successful and "back in the game".  


And what's more, I can help you change the game so that you don't get in this place again.



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