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I work with medium and small charities in the UK and abroad, helping improve skills, motivation, wellbeing & success

the projects I focus on include: - consultancy; training & workshops; coaching & mentoring; and speaking & talks


Organisational culture

Team planning

Future scoping

Employee retention & wellbeing

Discrete projects

Away-day and project facilitation



Training & Workshops

Third-party courses (IoF, Media Trust, Hospice UK, etc)

In-house and Live Webinars




Coaching & Mentoring


On-the-job coaching

Escape to France  - 4-day focus retreat (new!)

Group coaching for local charities / fundraisers

                                                                (Lancashire, West Yorks, Cumbria)

Ambitious Fundraiser & Head of Fundraising mentoring support

CEO sounding board

Interview preparation



Speaking & Talks

Wellbeing in the Charity sector

The Fundraising sector that exists outside London

Attracting & retaining awesome fundraisers

Engaging with beneficiaries and their loved ones

The time I tried life as a beneficiary

Plus, there's my commitment to the wellbeing of those working in the charity sector and my ongoing research project - Charity Well

The above gives a flavour of the many projects I’ve loved working on with others.  If you have something different in mind, or want a chat to work out what you do want (even if we work together to work out who you need), I'd love to help

If we do decide to work together, I charge between £350 & £600 per day, depending on the type of project and on the turnover of your organisation.

Email me and let’s take it from there!

Claire delivered a thorough and informative training session on Fundraising Strategy for the Board & Senior Team.  She made sure we all understood and recognised the task ahead of us, entering into a large-scale capital development and continuing to fundraise for the revenue support needed. 


With a room of people with very different backgrounds and experiences, Claire pitched it exactly right.  


We left the session energised to fundraise but with realistic expectations, clear responsibilities and a detailed plan to work with

Col. Brian Gorski MBE, DL - Chair of Trustees



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