Ways to work with me

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purpose-driven individuals

I work with individuals:

> in my group programmes

• Motivate - my signature group learning and confidence building programme for managers and those who lead teams

• Thrive - my 10-consultants-on-retainer, peer support and coaching programme for Fundraising Directors 

• The Virtual Office - my membership for single post-holders and remote workers and 1:1 coaching & mentoring sessions

> in my one-to-one coaching and mentoring.  One-to-one work is focussed and high-impact. I only work with 10 individuals in each six month period.


teams & organisations

Working in-house across your team or whole organisation is where we can effect real and lasting change for everyone

Whether it's leading your team through a balance-identifying exercise; a full culture-change programme; the creation of a people & wellbeing strategy; designing your colleague experience; manager training & development; leadership culture & development coaching; or a bit of more than one of these; be prepared to be challenged. be prepared to self-reflect; be prepared for change - good change!

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In addition to these, some organisational clients ask me to work with colleagues individually and, some are looking for speaking & workshops