Charity: Well?

The Charity Well? research project has been created to investigate the challenges and stresses faced by those working in the charity sector, the incidence of overwhelm, excess stress, burn-out, illness, and mental health issues; and their effect on staff wellbeing, retention and exiting the sector.

It will also endeavour to undercover and share examples of best practice - where organisations (charities and in the private sector) are getting it 'right' and what we can learn from them

The research project is open to anyone working within the charity sector but will unapologetically have some bias towards those with responsibility for fundraising


There are four elements to the project:

A two-part online survey: 

 - 1) to identify the common causes of stress, anxiety and unwellbeing (Now CLOSED); and


- 2) to ascertain the incidence and impact of these on those in the sector - CLOSED - 31Jan 2020


1:1 Interviews:

to gain greater insight and understanding of what it really is like for those working in the sector.  If you would like to take part in the interview phase of the research, please get in touch HERE  

A Facebook group:

for anyone with an interest to join and interact within, taking part in weekly topic debate and discussion.  To join the group, click here


A Blog (and possibly podcast):

Including interviews with those who have lived experience of challenges and their impact and how they addressed them (or didn't) and examples of Best Practice in establishing and maintaining employee wellbeing unearthed from within the charity sector and in the corporate world (here)



Other than in the Facebook group, where people will be responding and interacting as themselves (albeit a closed group with clearly articulated chatham house rules), anonymity is absolutely guaranteed

Respondents are asked to give their name and email, purely to ensure that their responses to parts one and two and their interview responses can be linked by us internally.


No-one will be identified or identifiable by their responses and we will NOT be sharing who has and hasn't respond to the survey with anyone.  If people wish to identify themselves as having taken part, that is fine but it will not be done by us.


All who take part will be offered a copy of the Findings Summary 

research into the "wellness" of those working in the charity sector, with focus on, but not exclusive to, fundraisers

Thank you SOOO much to the 700+ people who took part in the online survey phase of our research

The findings will be shared in Spring 2020



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