Fundraise Well

Whether a team of one or a team of 20, the Fundraising Team is often the public face of the organisation.


And in many of the charities and causes I've worked with and for, its also the Comms Team, the Policy Team, the Campaigning Team and the Volunteering Team too.

Fundraising teams are 'my people' I've spent the whole of my working life in them, recruiting them, learning from them, leading them.

Fundraising was my first job and the team I was lucky enough to join was the ultimate team - a combination of ages, experiences, values, skills and strengths, all combined in a perfect storm to create a formidable force.

But that perfect storm was not accidental. It was brought together by an amazing leader who recognised not only the value of fundraising experience, but also of other skills, of life experience, passion, and drive. That team has been the bedrock of my whole career and I remain a passionate champion of fundraisers and fundraising teams

How can I work with you in relation to your fundraising team?

  • Team Strategy

  • Team Development and Planning

  • Team shaping and restructure

  • Team culture and building

  • Facilitation team focus days / sessions 

  • Team Away Days - either at a your chosen venue or I can host them in the Lancashire countryside, if you're within travelling distance (once lockdown is lifted)

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Ros Holland, Chief Executive, The Boaz Trust

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