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the peer-group to challenge all peer groups;
the access to many "consultants-on-retainer";
the problem-solving, coaching and collaborating
community for Fundraising Leaders

(whatever their title)

thrive fundraising leaders v 2.0

I can't believe we've already had one full year of Thrive - where has that 12-months gone?

I also can't believe the 100% positive, "yes please", "we want more" feedback that we've had for that first year

So, I am beyond excited to introduce to you
thrive v2.0

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Claire Warner,

Being the leader of an organisation's fundraising team (with whatever title) is the career aspiration of many - it’s a totally amazing place to operate


At the top of the fundraising tree, responsible for the strategic direction of the fundraising piece. Working with a team of passionate, committed income generators who spend their lives securing income to allow your organisation to do good in the world.​ Who wouldn't want this?

But being that leader can also be a really lonely, isolated place, especially in an organisation where there is little or no fundraising expertise within the CEO and Trustee group.  


You can feel like a funnel between the requests of an enthusiastic but misaligned board, and the pleas of a hard-working but over-stretched team.


Sometimes your organisation is too large to access support designated for the smallest charities; too small to have the budget to employ or train specialists across all fields. Yet usually expected to "do it all"

Sometimes you just need somewhere to go where you can problem-solve, brainstorm and share thinking with others in your situation.  Sometimes you need some additional expert input, from industry leaders with up-to-the-minute knowledge and expertise and whose opinions and advice you can ask

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imagine then, how it would feel

(and what a difference it would make)


you had somewhere you could go

a virtual retreat;

a place to collaborate;

a place to find kindred spirits to share experiences - the highs, the lows, the challenges - your cheerleaders;

a place to problem-solve;

a place with multiple income-stream & sector experts at your disposal, to consult with, learn from and work with for a whole 12-months


a place to Thrive?

Thrive is a 12-month coaching, peer-support, problem-solving, leader-squad, expert-access, coaching, mentoring, cheer-leading, commiserating, accountability and wellbeing community for the most senior fundraiser in your organisation (not the CEO)

the peer community

One element of Thrive that all of our current Thrive members have asked for is more access to each other and time with each other. 


Thrive members include sole fundraisers and leaders of teams of 40+ and everything in between.  Some have been Fundraising Leaders since the last millennium - some are in their first leader role


They represent charities in the Arts, Education, Homelessness, Health Care, Disability, and membership charitable sectors

And YOU could join them!

new for thrive 2022
your resident and guest expert coaching specialisms include:


Strategy & Innovation


Decision Science & Behavioural Economics


Corporate Partnerships


Digital Strategy & Implementation


Management & Leadership


Fundraising Events


Data, Research & Insight


Marketing & Comms


Statutory Funding


Legacy and In-Memory Giving


Individual Giving


Major Donors


Community Fundraising


Personal and Team Wellbeing









about our resident experts

click on each specialist's image to find out more and to watch their welcome videos (*we don't have these yet for the new experts)

Andy King Thrive.jpeg

Andy King
Corporate Partnerships

Helen Trenchard Thrive.jpeg

Helen Trenchard
Community Fundraising

Claire Routley Thrive.jpg

Claire Routley
Legacy Giving

Becky Slack - Thrive Expert .jpg

Becky Slack
PR, Marketing & Comms*

Dana Segal Thrive.jpeg

Dana Kohava Segal
Trusts & Foundations

Wayne Murray Thrive.png

Wayne Murray
Strategy & Innovation

Zoe Amar Thrive.jpg

Zoe Amar

Rachal Minchinton.png

Rachal Minchinton
Statutory Funding*

Agents of Good Thrive.png

John  & Jen, Agents of Good
Individual Giving

Louise Morris Thrive.jpg

Louise Morris
Major Donors

jane curtis.jpeg

Jane Curtis
Fundraising Events*


Vanessa Johnson-Burgess
Recruitment & EDI*

we're the Team around YOUR team

about claire

Claire Warner Charity Wellbeing_edited.jpg

Claire Warner is an award-winning workplace wellbeing specialist, a Roffey Park Institute-trained Management Coach, and is widely regarded as one of the for-good sector's leading wellbeing champions.  


In a successful 19-year career as a fundraising leader, Claire raised  more than £50 million for capital, project and revenue activities.  She also managed and mentored more than 100 fundraising and comms professionals and supported many of them into managerial and leadership roles themselves.


In 2016, Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer and gave up work for 10-months while she underwent surgery and treatment and never went back to Fundraising.


Claire Warner Wellbeing was created when her own experience of serious unwellbeing provided Claire with a new focus and purpose.

what our existing 'Thrivers' say


Thrive is ideal for anyone who is juggling a wide-ranging fundraising management role, especially if you have limited resources and have to roll your sleeves up.


Even more so if you are having to roll your sleeves up in areas that are outside your realm of expertise.


And absolutely if you feel like there is nobody else in your organisation who understands the challenges that you are facing


In April 2021 I joined Claire's amazing Thrive programme. Having the space to focus weekly on different areas of fundraising really appealed to me. I'm SO pleased I joined. 

Where else can you get access to THE best people for each individual income stream, but have the support of Claire, who just totally understands fundraising and how you keep yourself and your team well. Plus you learn loads from the other Thrive members

Thrive is ideal for any director of fundraising but particularly those in charities of income under £15million


When I watched the 2021 launch video, I felt seen. And I felt like you were talking to me.


You described my exact feelings, my exact pride and my exact anxieties - I leapt and joined there and then, full of hope and expectation.


And the reality even far outweighed my expectations

Then you introduced V2.0 and with all of the extra stuff you've added, this really is a ****ing awesome leadership programme with the most outrageous level of excellence and input from incredible people.


What you have created is very special


If you’re looking for support, growth or to

make a change in how you work, do consider Thrive.


Thrive has given me the practical advice and inspiration I’d been fruitlessly searching for in other places. It has supplied this in a format that I was very suspicious of (weekly commitment! Argh!) but that positive interruption/disruption has been exactly what I needed to make space for reflection and development.


It has also has given me the group I didn’t know I needed


Thrive has been of real practical help as well as ensuring I make time away from the day to day.


The expert input is really useful and I have come away from every single session with something positive and helpful"

100% of our "Thrivers" coming to the end of their first year of the programme have renewed for v2.o!

Join Thrive V2.0!

sign-up options

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In Thrive Leaders you get

12-month access to our resident specialist expert coaches 

You get access to one of our resident specialist experts, live on a private group zoom call, 3 weeks out of 4, every month for the whole year.  

No longer do you have to choose between which area you're going to develop this year, you can choose one or all of them!

The calls last an hour and are mixture of prepared content and question & answer and advice sessions.

We are literally with you ALL year, to help you and your team grow and develop and Thrive, ALL year! 

Find out more about our Experts above!

Thrive Peer Community

Thrive Leaders private slack group - a safe space to support, network, collaborate and share learning with each other in a supportive and non-competitive environment, and where you can be just you and share whatever you need without fear of judgement, consequence or ridicule.  This is where we want to see you sharing your successes, seeking support for challenges, soap-boxing about peeves, and asking the obvious questions

40+ on-demand coaching calls 

gain access to all of our previous coaching calls, lessons, resources and classes to build the team, the skills and the confidence to lead a successful and thriving team

36 live resident coach-led calls and 12 live peer-led sessions 

(all recorded and available to watch again)

The coaching calls run on a 26-week rolling schedule. In each 4-week period there are 3 live resident expert calls and one peer-led discussion call and every 12 weeks there is one break week to help you catch up.  The resident expert calls encompass the income-stream specialisms of our resident experts as well as management & wellbeing coaching & support, the planning sessions and a session with no agenda, for general discussion, networking & conversation

Accountability Pods

each quarter we will match you up in pods with others tackling similar goals, challenges and developments so you can learn and succeed together

Co-working sessions

an hour each week of dedicated co-working time to give you the opportunity to work on that thing that's important to you

The Library 

access to a dynamic library of blogs and articles, content, tools and frameworks from the Resident Coaches, and other material and learning content as and when it is created, catalogued under the themed headings

Thrive LIVE 

we're not quite there yet, but I'll just drop this here so you can imagine for where we can - we're going to run an annual Thrive Live event where we can all meet up in person, with each other, with the resident experts, and with other guest experts, and plan the following year's Thrive! You will get priority access to event tickets


Sign-up for the 2022/23 programme closes Friday 20th May

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Thrive Leaders

Join Thrive Leaders today

36 live coaching sessions

12 live peer-led sessions

On-demand access to all of the previous Thrive sessions

Access to the Library of resources and information provided by the Thrive Experts

Thrive Leaders private peer support facebook group

Access to tickets for Thrive Live (when it's able to happen

NB - unless stated, all sessions take place on zoom


£95 per month for 12 months

(pay-in-full discount available)

Thrive Leaders VIP

Join Thrive VIP today

and access all of the features and benefits of Thrive Leaders




4 quarterly 90-minute

one-to-one coaching sessions


£125 per month for 12 months (pay-in-full discount available)

Thrive 3-month trial


Try Thrive Leaders for a trial period of 3-months 

and access all of the features and benefits of the programme for one quarter so you can see how it works and confirm it is indeed the programme for you!


(at the end of the 3-month trial, when you choose to stay in the programme for the remainder of the year, this is discounted from your invoice)

We operate the Grandfathered pricing system - the price you pay when you join is the price you pay for as long as you stay in the programme, regardless of price increases each year and when the scheme grows

!! Programme Places are limited !!

quality, access and value are at the heart of the ethos of Thrive and it's important to us that those in the programme get the best possible experience. 

Therefore we set a maximum of 40 places on the programme - 

30 Thrive Leaders places and 10 Thrive Leaders VIP places

secure yours now


How much does it cost?

Thrive Leaders is a rolling 12-month programme - designed to offer ongoing support / inspiration / advice / coaching throughout a full year. 

Thrive Leaders 2022 costs £95 per month for 12 months , this is discounted if you are able to pay in full, up front

Thrive VIP 2022 costs £125 per month for 12 months, this is discounted if you are able to to pay in full up front

And, your annual price stays locked-in for as long as you (or your organisation) remain in the programme, despite price increases for new joiners

2022 Earlybird offer pricing ended 25th April

We have also introduced a 3-month trial for anyone not sure whether Thrive is right for them.  This trial can only be taken in the first 3 months of the programme and costs £300, which is knocked off the full price if they then stay for the rest of the year.

When do the calls take place?

The calls take place at 2pm (UK Time) on Wednesday afternoons.  There is an orientation call on 27th April (recorded for those who join in the 3-week joining period) and then the programme starts on 4th May.  All of the coaching sessions are recorded and participants have lifetime access to those recordings - NB: these dates are sightly later this year due to Easter and holidays.

When does the programme start?

The programme lasts 12 months - April to March. You can rejoin as many times as you like and the price you pay when you sign up is the price you will always pay for as long as you remain a member.

Sign-ups for the 2022/23 programme close on Friday 20th May

Who is Thrive Leaders open to?

Thrive Leaders is a programme for the person who leads your fundraising team. 


Their title might be Fundraising Manager, Head of Fundraising, Director of Income generation or one of many others. They may even lead a team of one.


But they are the most senior person with Fundraising responsibility within your organisation who isn't the Chief Executive

How do I pay?

If you're paying monthly, you will need to sign up to a regular card payment. If you're paying in full, up front, you can either pay by card or on invoice 

Whichever payment method you choose, you are signing up to 12 months' of programme.  Other than the 3-month trial, offered at the beginning of the programme you can't just join for a few months

Do you offer refunds?

As an online purchase, you are entitled to a refund within 14-days of purchase, UNLESS you have accessed the platform and the content. 

It is our intention that Thrive delivers exactly what we promise and more.  If you have concerns about the content, delivery or anything else, we ask you to make contact with us as we would hope to find a solution other than you leaving.


If you are able to demonstrate that you accessed the content and the coaching, that you asked questions where given the opportunity to do so, that you approached us and asked us to address your perceived short-comings in the delivery vs the description of the programme, you may be permitted to leave at the end of the quarter we are in at the time of your decision.  If you have paid for the year in full, you may be entitled to a partial refund, depending on your payment method and how far into the year we have progressed, and minus an administration fee of £100

You will also lose your lifetime access price promise and if you rejoin, will join at the price the programme is at the time or rejoining.

What if I can't make the live calls?

The live calls take place every Wednesday at 2pm (UK time).  This enables us to operate the programme consistently and efficiently.  


BUT, all live content is recorded and then uploaded into the library so you don't miss out on anything. 


You can also go back and watch again if you want to check some details. AND, you can submit questions in advance for the live sessions so that you can still have your challenge or issue addresses by the experts

AND, when you join you also gain access to all of the library content, including all of the previous calls

I want to join but my organisation won't pay

If this is the case, please drop us an email at the address below and let us have a chat with you about the options we can make available for you

I'd like to know more

for more information email us at or use this link to book a call and we can have a chat