the can't afford NOT to have coaching & mentoring, peer support, expert specialist access programme for the leader of your Fundraising team

Do you see your team looking up

and realise that 'up' is you?

Do you see the people within your team looking “up” for guidance, for inspiration and for all the answers, and realise, "c*^p!, that up is me"


And are you scared that just right now, you don’t have that guidance, that inspiration and those answers to give?

Do you worry about how your Managers and Fundraisers are going to deliver the income, the engagement and the support your organisation needs but still know it’s your responsibility to ensure that they do?

Do you regularly feel the gut-wrenching fear of “what if we don’t manage it”?

And sometimes, do you wish there was somewhere you could run away to and hide?

And do you REALLY crave the return of the enjoyment, the fulfilment and the love of your job that you used to feel more frequently than you do just now?

If so, then read on!

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We think we know more about you....

Being the leader of a fundraising and income generation team (whatever your title) is a career aspiration for many.  It’s a totally amazing place to operate!


At the top of the fundraising tree, responsible for the strategic direction of the whole fundraising / income generation piece. working with a team of passionate committed income generators who spend their lives securing the income that allows your organisation to do good in the world.

Who wouldn't want this?


But being that leader can also be a really lonely, isolated place, especially in an organisation where there is little or no fundraising expertise within the CEO and Trustee group.  


You can feel like a funnel between the requests of an enthusiastic but misaligned board, and the pleas of a hard-working but knackered team

You can feel like a lone voice in a world of

"ask Bill Gates"-ers

Thrive Leaders has been created specifically for You! 

Thrive Leaders is curated group of individuals, all in exactly the same situation as you, all feeling the same pressure and stress, the same fear, and the same unwillingness to fail!


An opportunity to regularly come together (hopefully one day, maybe even in person!), to find support and solidarity, to find shared learning, to find healthy and challenging discussion and debate, and to find solace, to find your fundraising leader squad! 

And that sounds amazing, doesn't it?  But there is SOOOO much more!


Thrive is a group coaching and mentoring programme for leaders of organisation fundraising and income generation teams (regardless of their title) created specifically to meet the needs of this group of people – we know this because we’ve been asking and listening!


Thrive does not claim to have all of the answers! And anyone who does, is not being honest with themselves or anyone else.  


Thrive is an opportunity to retreat, to discuss, to think, to learn from each other, to laugh, to console, to support and to find strength, to ask the experts, and to gain confidence. 


Somewhere to weather the storm, and somewhere from which to re-face the outside world and Thrive!

In Thrive Leaders you will get

support, camaraderie, income stream experts, mentoring, coaching, workshops, & more

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A live coaching call EVERY week 

(recorded and made available to watch again)

The coaching calls run on a 13-week rolling schedule and encompass the calls with our resident experts as well as management & wellbeing coaching & support,  the planning sessions and a session with no agenda, for general discussion, networking and conversation

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Quarterly income stream specialist expert coaching - You will get access to each of our specialist experts, live on a group call, once every quarter.  No longer do you have to choose between which area you're going to develop this year, you can choose one or all of them? 

Our coaches will deliver 15-20 minutes of topic-based learning and then the remaining 70/75 minutes is open for you to ask questions and advice about anything to do with their subject. We are literally with you ALL year, to help you and your team grow and develop and Thrive, ALL year! 

Find out more about our Resident Experts below!

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Thrive Peer Mastermind Community -

The Thrive programme, detail, information is all hosted on Thinkific.  Once you've signed up, you will be sent your Thrive log-in details. 


This is also where we will be upload the recordings of the weekly live coaching calls so that you can access them for as long as you remain part of the programme, and all associated content, information, frameworks etc,


We've created a The Thrive Leaders Slack Group - a safe space to support, network, collaborate and share learning with each other in a supportive and non-competitive environment, and where you can be just you and share whatever you need without fear of judgement, consequence or ridicule.  This is where we want to see you sharing your successes, seeking support for challenges, soap-boxing about peeves, and asking the obvious questions

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Weekly My Priority co-working hour

Do you find that the things YOU want to research, investigate, trial, plan and do never seem to make it to the top of a list, and therefore never get moved on or done?

The My Priority co-working hour is an hour every week where you join a zoom call, and work, uninterrupted, for a whole hour, on something that is important to you, not just urgent to anyone else.  Sounds weird? Don't knock it until you've tried it! The accountability of turning up to the call, putting in the chat what you want to achieve in the hour, and then sitting there and getting it done is really great, not just for your productivity, but also for you being able to move on some of the bigger things you've always wanted to try or develop, but that no-one else pesters you about, so never get done

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Thrive Planning Framework and sessions

Our planning framework allows you to take your annual goals and targets, and create a bird's eye view of what needs to happen where and when, right across your team. 

We work through a series of reflection, evaluation, aspiration and delivery exercises and use the results to create quarterly focus streams, monthly plans, and weekly tasks through further sessions (quarterly and then monthly) through the year.

NB - you don't share our actual plans! We just work through the system and process together and you work on your own detail and have the opportunity ask questions 

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The Library - access to a dynamic library of the group back-catalogue of all of the content, tools and frameworks from the Guest Experts, the Workshops and the Planning sessions and other material and learning content as and when it is created, catalogued under the themed headings

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Thrive LIVE - we're not quite there yet, but I'll just drop this here so you can imagine for where we can - we're going to run an annual Thrive Live event where we can all meet up in person, with each other, with the resident experts, and with other guest experts, and plan the following year's Thrive!

Your Resident Specialists

imagine having one of these in your life every quarter, let alone all of them

Andy King Thrive Corpotates Expert


andy king

Wayne Murray Thrive Strategy Expert

wayne murray


dana kohava segal

trusts & foundations

Louise Morris Thrive Major Donors Expert

louise morris

major donors

John Lepp & Jen Love Thrive IG Experts

agents of good

individual giving


dr claire routley

legacy giving


helen trenchard


Thrive Resident Digital expert Zoe Amar.

zoe amar

digital fundraising

don't just take our word for it

"Signing-up  was a no-brainer!"

Paul Courtney
Director of Fundraising, Children's Hospice South West

Your Thrive video intro message was like you were speaking to me and nobody else.


So I decided, sod it, I’m in!


I’ve decided I’m investing in myself and my team


Can’t wait to dive in to this next year!

I'm ready to Thrive - sign me up!

Cute Girl

Not quite ready and got a question?

Frequently asked questions


Thrive Leaders is a rolling 12-month programme - designed to offer ongoing support / inspiration / advice / coaching throughout a full year.  You can join at any point in the year and the minimum term is 3-months.  The current cost for the three months is £300 but if you join for the year and pay in-full up-front you get one quarter free (up-front cost £900)

And, your annual price stays locked-in for as long as you (or your organisation) remains in the programme, despite price increases for new joiners.


Thrive Leaders is a programme for the person who leads your fundraising team.  Their title might be Fundraising Manager, Head of Fundraising, Director of Income generation or one of many others.  But they are the most senior person with Fundraising responsibility within your organisation who isn't the Chief Executive


Yes!  Thrive Leaders has been designed as a year-long programme of support & coaching so that the expert coaches can work through a year of activity with you.  That's the way it's designed but you can sign up for one quarter to see if you like it


When you click Join Today, you can choose to pay monthly , quarterly or to pay for a year up-front. Choose the year upfront option, you get the 12 months at a reduced rate - 12 months for the price of 9!


The live calls take place every Wednesday at 2pm (UK time).  This enables us to operate the programme consistently and efficiently.  BUT, all live content is recorded and then uploaded into the library so you don't miss out on anything.  You can also go back and watch again if you want to check some details. AND, you can submit questions in advance for the live sessions so that you can still have your challenge or issue addresses by the experts.


Thrive is designed as a 12-month programme

As an online purchase, you are entitled to a refund within 14-days of purchase, UNLESS you have accessed the platform and the content. 

It is our intention that Thrive delivers exactly what we promise and more.  If you have concerns about the content, delivery or anything else, we ask you to make contact with us as we would hope to find a solution other than you leaving.  

If you still do want to leave, you can do so at the end of the quarter we are in at the time of your decision.  If you have paid for the year in full, you may be entitled to a partial refund, depending on your payment method and how far into the year we have progressed, and minus an administration fee of £100

You will also lose your lifetime access price promise and if you rejoin, will join at the price the programme is at the time or rejoining.