group support, coaching & mentoring programme for the leader of your Fundraising team

Do you see your team looking up

and realise that 'up' is you?

Do you see the people within your teams looking “up” for guidance, for inspiration and for the answers, and realise, &*^p!, that “up” is you? 


And are you scared that just right now, you don’t have that guidance, that inspiration and those answers to give?

Do you worry about how your Managers and Fundraisers are going to deliver the income, the engagement and the support your organisation needs but still know it’s your responsibility to ensure that they do?

Do you regularly feel the gut-wrenching fear of “what if we don’t manage it”?

And sometimes, do you wish there was somewhere you could run away to and hide?

And do you REALLY crave the return of the enjoyment, the fulfilment and the love of your job that you used to feel more frequently than you do just now?

If so, then read on!

We think we know more about you....

Being the leader of a fundraising and income generation team (whatever your title) is a career aspiration for many.  It’s a totally amazing place to operate - at the top of the fundraising tree, responsible for the strategic direction of the whole fundraising / income generation piece. working with a team of passionate committed income generators who spend their lives securing the income that allows your organisation to do good in the world.


But being that leader can also be a really lonely, isolated place, especially in an organisation where there is little or no fundraising expertise within the CEO and Trustee group.  


You can feel like a funnel between the requests of an enthusiastic but misaligned board, and the pleas of a hard-working but knackered team

You can feel like a lone voice in a world of

"ask Bill Gates"-ers

Thrive Leaders has been created specifically for You! 

A curated group of individuals all in exactly the same situation as you, all feeling the same pressure and stress, the same fear, and the same unwillingness to fail! An opportunity to regularly come together (hopefully one day, maybe even in person!), to find support and solidarity, to find shared learning, to find healthy and challenging discussion and debate, and to find solace, to find your fundraising leader squad!


Thrive is a group coaching and mentoring programme for leaders of organisation fundraising and income generation teams (regardless of their title) created specifically to meet the needs of this group of people – we know this because we’ve been asking and listening!


Thrive does not claim to have all of the answers! And anyone who does at the moment, is not being honest with themselves or anyone else.  


Thrive is an opportunity to retreat, to discuss, to think, to learn from each other, to laugh, to console, to support and to find strength, to ask the experts, and to gain confidence.  Somewhere to weather the storm, and somewhere from which to re-face the outside world and Thrive!

In Thrive Leaders you will get

support, camaraderie, income stream experts, mentoring, coaching, workshops, & more

A weekly coaching call - one hour at the start of every week for us all to come together and share current and upcoming challenges, worries, concerns, successes, learnings (and rants) and to come away with feedback, ideas and motivation.

Quarterly Planning Sessions - Start each quarter with a plan! Come together in advance of each quarter and work through a series of reflection, evaluation, aspiration and delivery exercises to create a team (and personal) plan for the quarter ahead

Bi-Monthly Workshops - Focussed 2-hr workshop sessions (led by one of our experts) addressing challenges/topics as identified as being needed / helpful by group members.  January's will be on Leading a restructured team out of crisis and into recovery. Future workshops (March, May July, September, November) will come from the group

Fortnightly specialist expert coaching - An opportunity to access high-level specialist expertise, knowledge and support you possibly don’t have access to within your team but which can have huge impact on your activity and plans: Corporate; Major Donors; Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Trusts & Foundations; IG; Social Media; Management; Legacies; Community & Events

The Library - access to a dynamic library of the group back-catalogue of all of the content, tools and frameworks from the Guest Experts, the Workshops and the Planning sessions and other material and learning content as and when it is created, catalogued under the themed headings

The Community - The Thrive Leaders Private Facebook Group - a safe space to be just you and share whatever you need without fear of judgement, consequence or ridicule.  A powerful community of Fundraising leaders who will support, network, collaborate and share learning with each other in a supportive and non-competitive environment

Our Experts

experts are being revealed one a day from 16th December!

Andy King Thrive Corpotates Expert


andy king

Wayne Murray Thrive Strategy Expert

wayne murray


trusts & foundations

Louise Morris Thrive Major Donors Expert

louise morris

major donors

John Lepp & Jen Love Thrive IG Experts

agents of good

individual giving



helen trenchard


digital fundraising

Frequently asked questions


No, as this is a pay-as-you-go programme there are no refunds available


Yes! When you click Join Today, you can choose to pay monthly or to pay for a year up-front. If you choose the year upfront option, you get 12 months at a reduced rate


Programme activity is spread across different days of the week to ensure as equal access as possible.  However, all calls, workshops etc are recorded and so can be watched back at a later date


Thrive Leaders is aimed at the most senior person with direct fundraising responsibility in your organisation.  That could be a sole fundraiser, a Chief Exec, or could be the Head of a Fundraising team of 5 or 50

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