the APD approach

At the heart of every* challenge / issue / activity/ task etc. lies three essential elements:


     Aspiration - the desire to do something and most importantly, the reason WHY;

     Planning - a deliberate and structured approach to making it happen;

     Delivery - no more procrastinating, no more finessing, just JFDI  getting the job done.

Most people have a natural proclivity to one of these 3 areas - their comfort zone where they will 'hang out' unnecessarily long and avoid the other two elements.  However, it is only when you get all three elements in alignment and with equal attention that success happens.  And all 3 have to be covered in the right order for the magic to happen.  If something causes a problem at step 2, go back to step 1 and refine the aspiration, taking the problem into consideration.

One of the most common challenges I hear those in the charity sector comment on is the inability to actually get new things off the ground.  And more often than not, reason is lack of time.

I believe the true reason is the lack of a framework in order to get the job done.  Procrastination at any of the stages will cause stumbling blocks, loss of interest and delay.  I know! I'm an expert in Procasti-surfing, Procrasti-online shopping, Procrasti-blogger.  But I know this is my proclivity and I know to expect and work around it.

I believe that widespread inability to "JFDI" at whatever stage, whether your own fault or at lying at the feet of others, across the charity sector, is one of the causes of frustration and in some cases, angst.


My own person  left unchecked and  has significant impact on you


the APD framework



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