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balance identification

Do you know what the ingredients are that make up your life balance?

The key to being at your best and able to deliver your best at work, is to be at your best in the other areas of your life.  

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Thrive is my programme specifically designed for Fundraising Directors who don't have separate income stream teams and specialists within their teams. Imagine having 10 income-stream specialist consultants on retainer for a whole year; plus weekly live coaching calls; plus peer support; plus a library of resources prepared by the income stream specialists and additional guest experts workshops and you might come somewhere close to the awesomeness that is Thrive.  

Our existing members describe it as the Swiss Army knife of the fundraising directors' world


starting out

Not everyone is ready for one of the options above as soon as they find me. And that's totally cool. Everyone needs to start their journey somewhere!

As well as the freebies you can sign up for, I have some self-study courses you can purchase and work through on your own in your own time, which you have access to forever!

And I have two membership schemes, one for those focussing on themselves as individuals, and one focussing on team nurturing and development, both of which come with the benefit of a peer group culture and and support and accountability benefits that come with it