Who do you think you're talking to?

I must ask my girls this question at least twice a week each, when they're giving me 'lip' or talking to me with the head-wobble accompaniment.

However, increasingly, it's a question I'm also asking clients and prospective clients - albeit in a completely different tone of voice and in this instance, expecting and welcoming a response!

The health and charity landscapes have changed fundamentally during my time in the sector. I can't think of a single arena where statutory funding covers all needs and where statutory services are not significantly supplemented by providers in the charitable sector.

There are also those who have historically provided services funded statutorily who are now having to seek additional charitable funding in order to make ends meet.

In many cases, particularly for those in the latter category, those running the organisations have forayed into fundraising out of need rather than desire. They are highly skilled in their own fields. They are experts and leaders in their sectors. They are highly respected and are great at their jobs. But they have no experience of describing what they do to 'lay people', no comms skills and no desire to be fundraising. Crucially, they have no concept of how to describe what they do, and more importantly, WHY they do it, to anyone outside the sector.

At Fundraising & Comms, we work with clients who find themselves in this situation, and help them to tell their stories, to engage with potential supporters, and to secure donors, using language and tone of voice which is understandable, makes sense and pricks the interest of the target audience.

This is sometimes more of a translation service than a 'shaping' service. And sometimes its just about tweaking, removing acronyms, crafting clear messaging and always making a call to action.

If you think we could help do the same for you, please get in touch

Claire xx




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