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When did you last REALLY laugh?

When did you last laugh? I mean really, side-splitting, tear-rolling, cheek-aching guffaws, not a tiny snigger?

For me, it was last night when I saw something hilarious on twitter - I can still cry laughing about it now

The thing I love about laughter is that your gut instinct is to share. We want to share the feeling of joy that laughter brings with our friends and loved ones and have them feel it too

And sometimes, just seeing someone else laugh can make us laugh, even without knowing what made them laugh in the first place

Laughter has been scientifically proven to have health benefits too:

• it relaxes the body

• it produces endorphins, the body's wellbeing hormone (guess why I include it in SHINE!)

• It burns calories

• It boosts your immune system

• it improves blood flow, which in turn can protect the heart

(find more here)

And, it makes you and everyone around you feel good

In my Shine group this week we've been talking about the lack of laughter in our charity and fundraising sectors at the moment. And how much we miss it

So, next time something makes you laugh out loud, don't hesitate, share it, its good for you - science says so!

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