Weekend Review 20/10/2018

This week, the main piece of industry news to have caught my attention is the @clicsargent #ImpactReport - an #inspired and #brave piece of writing.

My initial interest in the report was simply pricked by my own cancer experience and these reports now being on my radar.

But the buzz on social media about this report being different peaked my charity Comms interest.

In an age where trust in charities has been ruined for the many by the few, @CLIC_Sargent have hit one out of the park with #TheBest #ImpactReport.

I genuinely loved reading it. It was a masterclass in storytelling - the story of a year in the life of Clic Sargent

Yes, tell me what’s gone well, that helps me to know you. But the honesty to tell me what’s not gone well makes me like and trust you even more.

And for a report to influence me to know you, to like you and to trust you is the nirvana of any piece of #CharityComms

Read the report for yourself here and let me (and Clic Sargent!) know what you think.

Also on my “go and take a look” list this weekend is coverage from the @ifc_netherlands

The #IFC is the gathering of the world’s leading #fundraisers and #changemakers. It takes place in Holland every year.

Check out the coverage and comment from @the_resource_alliance and by following the hashtags #ifcholland and #ifc2018

If you do nothing else, watch again the closing plenary session - another masterclass in storytelling and the power of a good story - I’ve got a serious case of #fomo

Claire xx









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