Updated: Dec 6, 2018

You know that famous saying "once you've written a blog about it, you actually have to do it"?

OK, so maybe I've just made it up (feel free to use!) but there is nothing like a bit of "announcement in a public forum" accountability to make you actually DO something you've been saying you're going to do for MONTHS!

So, here it is, the official public announcement....

In January (2019, for clarification) Jane Montague ( and I - colleagues and fierce friends of ten years plus - will be staring our own podcast, creatively titled #WarnerAndMonts, in which we will discuss pertinent news and comment in the charity sector, offer advice and top tips in fundraising and regulation matters, AND, we will end every show with a karaoke song. Yes, you read correctly, we are going to sing our way out of every show - what could possibly go wrong?

So, ignore the significant detail in the trailer below (it won't be weekly and it almost certainly won't be at 2pm on Tuesdays) but it WILL be happening.

Watch this space!

Claire xx




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