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Today is #CharityWellbeingSummit Day!

Today is #charitywellbeingsummit Day and I can’t not admit it, I’m just a little bit excited

In theory, we all agree that a wellbeing-filled life is one we all would like

But the term wellbeing has become synonymous with quinoa and yoga and fruit in the work kitchen

And not many of us take the time to define what a truly wellbeing-filled life might look like, include and NOT include

And not many of our employers take the time to define what a workplace wellbeing focussed culture might look like AND what the benefits of such a culture might be

When I decided to pivot my career, back in 2017, I wanted to look into the root-causes of unwellbeing in the charity sector (where I’ve spent the whole of my working life)

And I’ve spent the last 4 years doing so. And at NO POINT has ANY of my work or research shown that the cause of unwellbeing was the lack of yoga!

Ask any physician, medic, scientist etc, and they will tell you that the best way to cure something is to tackle the cause

And so when I talk about the factors affecting charity wellbeing, I talk about overwhelm, poor line-management, unrealistic targets, lack of support, bullying, unclarity, excessive stress, charity guilt, competing priorities, bad practice, poor culture, woeful people skills, management by negativity and MUCH more

And that’s what the work I now do seeks to address, and that’s what the #charitywellbeingsummit will address today.

We have a line-up of speakers I have to pinch myself every time I see it

I have a co-host in Rickesh Lakhani that I’ve never even met in real life but who has quickly become a virtual kindred spirit,

The conference is produced in partnership with Fundraising Everywhere - a platform that blows other online conference platforms clean out of the water, founded and run by two people, Simon Scriver and Nikki Bell, who I'm proud to call friends as well as colleagues,

And is sponsored by some amazing colleagues and supporters in the charity sector - Blackbaud / JustGiving, Make a Difference Locally, and Fundraising Jobs

If you’ve made it this far, SURELY it’s worth a ticket to see some of this amazingness for yourself? Buy yours now! Or, treat yourself to a #FundraisingEverywhere membership which includes access to all of Fundraising Everywhere's conferences, including ours today!

See you there?

Claire x