• claire-warner

Stopping your What Nots?

How DO you stop yourself slipping back into the bad life-balance habits you promised yourself you would leave behind?

Do you remember at the beginning of December, when the holidays were nearly is sight, literally within finger-tips distance? When you promised yourself that you WERE NOT going to carry forward the ridiculous working hours and pressures of 2020 into 2021?

What happened to those intentions and promises? Did you stick to them?

If you haven't managed, here's a few questions to ask yourself:

Why do you do those hours? Why do you need to?

How do you structure your day? Do you have everything you need to do your role properly and without 57 work-arounds before you start?

Who expects those hours? Why?

What is stopping you working "normal" hours?

Who within your organisation does work more balanced hours? How?

What would it take to start clawing back 15 minutes a day?

When can you start?

Busy is not a badge of honour. Overwhelm is a real and looming possibility right across our sector.

How can you model better life balance behaviours for your team to acknowledge and replicate?

Claire x

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