Sector Wellbeing Research Survey now LIVE!

In May this year, I launched the first phase of a two-part online survey into the wellbeing of Fundraisers (and others) in the charity sector, as part of the Charity Well initiative.

I founded Charity Well in response to the increasing numbers of colleagues across the sector who appeared to be suffering from excessive stress, ill mental and physical health, and were leaving the sector.

Charity Well is an initiative to promote the need for charities to take a vested interest in the wellbeing of their staff, and for individuals to be aware of their own wellbeing and their own self-care.

This second phase of the research project seeks to identify and measure the incidence of the challenges which affect wellbeing and unwellbeing across the sector; to search out and share examples of best practice within and outside the charity sector to help address those areas needing attention; and to help educate charities in the importance of wellbeing and its impact on their staff, and to assist them in identifying their own wellbeing score and where and how they can make improvements.

Part One of the survey asked respondents to identify the causes of the stress / anxiety / ill health / leaving the sector, so that Part Two (the substantive part of the research) could measure incidence across an informed and representative set of factors and experiences.

133 people submitted responses in Part One. The themes they identified as needing to be included within the Part Two survey include: - Poor Management & Leadership; Lack of organisational understanding of fundraising; Feeling alone; Unrealistic targets & workloads; One-way flexibility; Blame culture; and Lack of training / development / resources; along with bullying, racism, homophobia and sexual harassment.

Having spent the last few months working through and processing the responses, the main quantitative survey is being launched today!

I'm delighted that Fundraising & Culture Consultant, Emily Petty (@emilypetty1) is partnering with me on Phase Two so we can work together to evaluate and publish the findings to share across the sector, and in using them to create a set of tailored solutions that will help charities measure and improve wellbeing within their own staff groups.

The online survey will remain open until early 2020, when the results and findings will be published.

It is really important to us that we get a truly robust piece work and collect the views and experiences from as many people as possible - please do what you can to share and to encourage others to take part!

You can take part in the survey by clicking

To find out more about the survey or how your charity could improve its commitment to staff wellbeing, please contact us at

Thank you!





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