New Beginnings

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Today has been a snowy old Monday. Particularly pertinent in the Warner house, as this weekend, we've taken possession of the keys to our new 'dream' house (well it will be once we've done lots of work to it), in an idyllic village with its 'to-die-for' views across West Lancashire, out to Lytham St Annes and the sea. Unfortunately, in order to have such views, the house is located on the side of a steep hill, about 1000 feet above sea level. And has for the most part of this weekend, been inaccessible especially to those of us who do not own a truck, a defender or a gritter.

Anyway, I digress. Our move to the back of beyond is part of a lifestyle change we've planned for ourselves, to create some positive separation between us and cancer. The lifestyle change includes choosing fresh air not car fumes, unmade roads not a housing estate, and a real attempt at a work-life balance.

In May 2015, I took on a role with Galloway's Society for the Blind. Albeit, in a contract capacity, but more like an in-house role than most freelance work, it's a role which I've thrown myself into, and which I've given up other work to commit to. I love the role, the people, the organisation and the things we've achieved together during my time with them. However, I've also helped create a monster - far bigger and more unwieldy than when I arrived, and needing far more time, and commitment than I now am able to offer. So I've taken the heart-breaking decision to step aside and allow someone else the opportunity to take forward what we've started, and run and make it more amazing still.

Before Cancer, I'd have happily committed to working 6 days a week and fitted anything else around it. But I'm not doing that any more. During those horrendous days, mid chemo (and regularly not mid in my case), where I regularly fell into the "what if it doesn't work" spiral, at NO point do I ever remember worrying about anything else other than my gorgeous girls and Andy. That has been a real wake-up call to me. I have been given a second chance, and I HAVE to put them before everything else.

This means that I've chosen me. I've chosen my family. I've chosen flexibility. I've chosen to work fewer hours. I've chosen to look after myself, mentally and physically. But I've chosen to go back to the unpredictability of true freelance work.

With the new house keys of Friday, and the "what the **** have we done" mentality of this weekend, this evening seems like as good a time as any to start the search for new work too.

So, if you're about to lose a team member and you're looking to decide if you're changing like for like or want to take the opportunity to restructure, or you want some interim help, or you're thinking of launching a new product or service and you want someone to model it and work up the fundraising and comms opportunities and mapping, or you need someone to work with you on your general charity fundraising and comms, get in touch!

Please help spread the word - we're back on our feet and looking for new challenges.

Happy Monday everyone!

Claire xx

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