Money for nothing... (but no chicks for free here)

Some time ago we worked with a tiny charity client which only had one staff member and a number of volunteers. As part of our work with them, we identified a couple of ways that they could gain literally "money for nothing" to assist in the achievement of their income generation targets.

The list included ensuring that every supporter and donor was asked to #GiftAid their donations

At the time, we were also working with a Hospice client who operated a number of #CharityShops and we helped them set up an EPOS system so that they could track items donated for sale from point of donation to point of sale. Not only did this give them intelligence behind the average self life on different types of items, and information from stock rotation of which items sold best in which shops, but it also enabled them to have an HMRC compliant system for claiming #GiftAidOnDonatedGoods

We also compiled for them a list of the companies who offer '#MatchFunding either where their staff have been involved with an initiative or event, or where they agree direct with the charity that they will match fund an initiative or event.

Please head to our resource centre here and download a copy of that list. Please bear in mind it was compiled a couple of years ago. But at the time, each company on that list offered match funding of some description, making your existing fundraising more profitable.

Claire xx



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