Kick-Ass Year End - Tip One

I'm offering my top ten tips for a kick-ass finish to the financial year.

Tip One (my new personal favourite) "Done is better than perfect, because perfect never gets done"

How many things have you still got on your list to do/launch/try/achieve this year that you've started, but not yet worked up to a level you're happy to go public with?

Go on, be honest, it's a few isn't it?

Now, there are people in my life (two that I've produced personally) who I would NOT be advocating this approach to. You know the ones - those who calculate the bare acceptable minimum and then deliver just less, knowing you haven't got time to challenge them on it.

Anyway, I challenge you, the perfectionists, to go live with at least one of those 'things' in the next week.

Get it 80% right and DO IT, launch it, and then improve it (if you need to) once it's going. You're better getting 80% of something than 100% of nothing!

For that extra accountability, tell me what you're going to choose, and send me the link when you've done it! I'll go first - I've been planning a podcast. Since July last year. I've got 20 weeks' worth of content written. But not recorded or launched it. So I'll have to do it now

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Claire x




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