Just how flexible are you?

Does your #charity #employer offer flexible working? What does #FlexibleWorking mean to you?

The website defines 8 different types of flexible working:

  • job share

  • working from home

  • part-time

  • compressed hours

  • flexitime

  • annualised hours

  • staggered hours and

  • phased retirement also states that all employees who have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks have the legal right to request flexible working - not just parents and carers.

And, while an employer can turn down an employee's request if they have good business reason for doing so, if the employer is deemed to have not handled the request in a reasonable manner, they can be taken to an employment tribunal

In the article linked here from, International Workplace Group (IWG) are quoted as having gathered information which found that

83% of respondents with two job offers would turn down the one that does not offer a flexible working policy

and that

a third of respondents prioritise flexible working over a more prestigious role or an increase in holiday allowance

Now, many of those in the #charity sector like to think of themselves as #flexible employers.

But I'd like to pose the suggestion that while yes, they can be, actually, more often than not, the flexibility expected from employees outweighs the flexibility offered by employers. And that the number of additional hours worked by employees (fundraisers in particular) far outweighs the occasions where they ask to take the hours back - to attend a child's school assembly, or to take accompany a parent to an appointment.

If you marry that inequitable distribution of flexibility expectation to a significant lack of formal flexible working in any of the types defined above, are we in the charity sector not also at significant risk of missing out on being able to recruit those 83% or even the 33%? And, is it not possible that in doing so, we're potentially missing out on "the best" within that 83% or 33%

When thinking about recruiting or retaining your next / best fundraiser, have a think about how flexible an employer you really are?

Claire x

NB - it took me a loooong time to get into position for the photo above to be taken (and to lose the 3 stone, 10 years and dye my hair blonde) Therefore, re-enactments are NOT possible



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