I'll work from anywhere, me!

Today, Mr W is working from home. He has an important piece of work he needs to concentrate on. (Ergo, the work he does in the office isn't important and doesn't need the same concentration??) I digress

His approach to working from home has entertained me, especially as I work from home every day. We have very different approaches to a number of things, but this today has made me chuckle.

Normal morning routine in our house (like a great many others, I suspect) leaves me feeling like I've already done a day's work by the time I get back from the school run. And the armageddon that faces me in the house on my return is usually all-room-encompassing. Pyjamas discarded on the living room floor, 4 different sets of breakfast cups and dishes spread across the kitchen, discarded school clothing, PE Kits, books, bags, coats etc not needed from today littering the floor and most surfaces, and 2 dogs looking longingly at the split frosties and the half finished apple juice on the dining table, which also doubles as my desk. You get the picture!

But my hours are restricted, my work load thankfully considerable, and I have to get on and work while I can. I've learnt to ignore the mess, and what ever is going on around me and I can sit and focus almost anywhere. You'll see from the photo below, I'm not kidding! I can also block out sound, other activity and create my own little bubble, in which I am focussed, driven and effective.

My office for a week at a Hospice client's premises

So you can imagine my entertainment this morning when Mr W is chunnering on about how its impossible to work like this, he can't possibly start working until he's cleared up (yay!) etc. And he's currently sorting *his work area.

Meanwhile, I've taken myself off to the girls' bedroom and have created today's desk for myself and am here (despite the lack of chair/table) getting on. Working. Blocking out the dirty socks, the evidence of food in the bedroom (which is banned), the homework which may or may not have to actually be in school and not on the window sill and I'm using the time that I have for work to actually work.

Today's list -

My blog - check

Client One's 30-day content plan

Client Two's web copy

Client Three's comms plan

Happy Friday everyone!

Claire x

*please note, the work space he has commandeered is actually my usual workspace, hence my moving to the bedroom. The irony appears to be lost on him




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