I know I’m sometimes a potty-mouth but....

I’m not sure whether or not I like the premise and the language being used on Twitter by @channel4 in its charity-inspired trolling of @piersmorgan, even if it is for #StandUpToCancer

If you’ve no Idea what I’m talking about, yesterday Channel 4 ran an online Fundraiser #SU2CRewards where, in return for donations of different amounts, they would do certain things from their twitter account. 90% of them were amazing, but one of the options for a £50 donation was that they would tweet insults at Piers Morgan.

And they did! And they didn't hold back! I‘m not particularly a PM fan but I have to say he impressed me with his handling of it.

Some twitter spectators loved it, and some felt hugely aggrieved and called for Ofcom to get involved. Others speculated, possibly correctly, that Piers was in on it from the start.

But, if approached by saying “we’d like you to help us raise £24m for Stand Up To Cancer, can we troll you on Twitter for the day?” I’m not sure there are many people who would/could have said No. I certainly wouldn’t.

But is there any risk of reputational damage for #SU2C? Yes, there probably is. The dissenters I’ve seen mainly seem to be pointing the finger at Channel 4 and not the charity, but there could some who suggest Guilt By Association.

It does prompt the question though, Does the Ends (£24m), Justify the Means (Piers Morgan-bashing)? What do you think? There are MANY examples of instances where the same question has to be applied, especially in Charity Fundraising. What do you think?

Another campaign that caught my eye for the right reasons this week was peoples reactions to @Oxfams #TagYourBag donor emails.

Tag Your Bag is Oxfam‘s Gift Aid on Donated Goods mechanism. Most of the big charity retailers encourage donations to be gift aided these days.

But what caught my attention was coverage on social media and the number of Facebook and Twitter users commenting on how much they liked and how grateful they were for the beautifully crafted Thank You emails they had received.

The emails inform the donor how much their goods were sold for and how much Gift Aid those sales would generate (as they have to to be HMRC compliant). They then give the donor an example what difference that total amount would make and showed an image to reinforce the impact - an inspired way to navigate the HMRC rules on #GiftAidOnDonatedGoods

Well Done Oxfam - Im sure this can’t have been an easy process to administer!

In my office this week, I’ve been focusing on a big piece of #Comms work for a Children‘s Charity client and on large grant applications for the #CaptialAppeal at @BandOnTheWall.

I‘ve also been taking part in a 5-day LinkedIn Sprint Challenge, led by LinkedIn Guru, Helen Pritchard. It’s been hard work and has forced me out of my comfort zone a few times, but it has been anazing and I encourage anyone who is interested to take a look!

I‘ve also been Quarter 4 planning. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s November on Thursday. I’ve already got my regular coaching clients booked in for their 1:1s with some interesting items for discussion: how (else) to try to get clooeagues to understand the importance of stories and engagement with patients and their families; how to rescue an income target that is currently way off the mark; and which of two awesome but polar-opposite candidates to choose for a role.

If you want to book in for a coaching session, email me for the link -

Claire x



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