Five things you can do to protect the mental health of your charity's staff

A workplace #wellbeing study carried out last year by #MentalHealth charity Mind found that nearly half of the 44,000 survey respondents had experienced a mental health problem in their current job. And of those, only half had talked to their employer about it.

As #charity sector employer, what can YOU do to help prevent mental health issues AND to make sure you're a responsive and responsible employer that those who are struggling can turn to and receive a sympathetic and supportive response?

1) Foster a workplace culture that is open about mental health, whether it is stress, anxiety, depression or any other condition and create an environment which encourages open conversations

2) Improve the working environment including lighting and natural light, pictures and plants, desk and chair comfort, and access to healthy food and snacks in office spaces, and remember the challenges for those who work in satellite locations or from home. Regular check-ins and chats really help to improve their feeling of belonging.

3) Encourage activity & exercise and promote the need and value of taking regular breaks. Arranging activities at lunchtime or after work such as sports clubs, yoga / pilates, or just walking, all help with physical and mental fitness

4) Be Mental Health Aware as an organisation and consider the provision of mental health schemes accessible by staff, and training in Mental Health first aid so Managers can spot the early signs of a potential mental health problem

5) Be mindful of the workload you are expecting individuals to carry - one of the largest causes of charity sector stress is workload and expectation. Practice what you preach and take regular lunch breaks and work sensible hours

To find out more about our research into best practice in charity organisational culture and staff wellbeing, get in touch!

This blog post was based on an article from Yahoo Finance.



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