• claire-warner

Did you get the “Meh-mo”?

(Thanks Lisa Clavering for the awesome pun)

Today I’m taking a “Meh” day

That’s exactly how I feel -


Nothing specific, nothing earth-shattering, not ill, not burnt-out, just Meh

Recognising your state of Meh and taking time to embrace it, to wallow a little, to do the thing your inner Meh is telling you (mine is telling me to lay on the sofa and watch Netflix!) is really good for your wellbeing

To do the Meh within parameters:

• Recognise the state;

• Listen to what your mind / body / get-up-and-go is telling you; and

• address it, deal with it and do it

Can really help to stop the Meh spiralling out of control

We’re all feeling the pressure. We’re all feeling the weariness. And we’re all still wanting to be “up for the fight”

Help yourself stay battle-fit

Embrace the Meh

Claire x

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