• claire-warner

Barriers and Blocks to your What Nots

Today is Blocks and Barriers day in my #Wellbeing Challenge

The Challenge is focussed on allowing ourselves to return back to the "halcyon" stress, workload, and working hours levels of 2019 and permission to leave the crisis, overwhelm and burn-out pace of 2020 behind

It's about doing less and being comfortable with not filling that space with anything else, but to simply be, and rest, and recover.

The task in-hand is looking at why we do the things we do.

And more importantly, why we haven't yet managed to stop doing the things we don't want to do

Much of this requires some deeper thinking than we've dedicated before. But the reactions from the group are amazing. A task I thought that might be a little heavy for an early 2021 Wednesday, is being LOVED

If we don't understand why we do something, or why we haven't yet successfully navigated removing "it" from our lives or ourselves from "it", how do we go about actually undoing it?

If you're sitting with things on your What Not list - the things you're NOT going to do in 2021 - and it has been your intention to NOT do them for quite some time, dig a little deeper and keep digging until you get to the answer - why?


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