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my "go-to's"

when you find something you love,
something that gets the "thumbs-up"
something that changes your world, blows your mind, makes life easier, and could do the same for others, the responsible thing to do is to share the love, yes?

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I'm a big believer in personal recommendation, in sharing, in helping others thrive.  If I spend hours looking into the best deal or the easiest way of doing something, why would I not share that? If I find an amazing person whose zone of genius has changed my life, I'm gonna tell you and let them change yours too!

The programmes, providers and products below are all people and "things" I swear by.  I use them all in my own life - some in my business life, some in my charity sector life, and some in my personal life.  I think they're amazing and I want you to know about them too.

Some of these programmes, providers and products I'm sharing contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases you make through these links - you do NOT get charged extra.   


I only recommend products as an affiliate that I have loved using or enjoyed the benefit from myself.  If I'm not happy with a product or service, I simply won't recommend it - simples

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Fundraising Everywhere is the brain child of Charity sector legends, Simon Scriver and Nikki Bell, who wanted to open up access to high-quality, high diversity, high value training, workshops and content to those beyond the organisations with the biggest training budgets and those outside of London.  We love Fundraising Everywhere so much, we worked with them to produce the Charity Workplace Wellbeing Summit

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Policy Bee are an insurance brokers specialising in and small businesses and charities.  They have a great reputation for doing so.

I've had my own business insurances with Hiscox since 2013 and with Hiscox via Policy Bee since finding out it was cheaper than going direct!

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Thrivecart is the ultimate checkout software.  Create a "buy it now" button on any landing page and link it to your custom-created checkout.  Thrivecart has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to 'downgrade' multiple other packages to the basic version. Integrates with Stripe & Paypal and includes all taxes, including VAT and EU VAT.

They also send VAT invoices.


Thinkific is a platform that allows you to host, create, build and sell online courses and programmes. I also use it as the host site for my membership and mastermind programmes.

It's simple, intuitive and significantly less expensive than some of its more sophisticated counterparts

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I love ANYTHING that makes my life easier, that is not reliant on me remembering to do something, post something, order something etc.  I also like a bargain.  So, the HP Instant Ink service, which allows me to save money on the regular shop-bought price of printer ink AND sends me ink automatically in the post, is a total winner for me! 


I've tried LOADS of social media scheduling tools and for me, Smarterqueue is by far and away, the best.  It's intuitive dashboard is only rivalled by its repurposing and rescheduling abilities.  l LOVE it