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Mastermind for Managers

Can I really get us through this?

How many times in just this last week, have you caught yourself thinking “I just can’t do this”, followed by the next thought “but I have to, so I’ll just have to get on with it”?


These thoughts might have been relating to entering into a consultation process with a team about restructure and redundancies


They might have been in relation to an organisational need for you and your intrepid team to deliver More (of whatever it is you’re delivering)


Or, they might have been in relation to something else you feel equally ill-equipped but still committed to dealing with and delivering as a Manager

And while you've got support (of a kind!) from HR, that support is very focussed on legality and not humanity

And maybe now the fear is setting in?

And the self-doubt? And the real deep-rooted anxiety about how you are going to do this, for you, for your team, and for your charity


Let’s not beat around the bush, you’ve been doing more with the same or less for a while.


And you’re really not sure how to get more still from a team who are already over delivering and at risk of burn-out. 


But you all know that more has to be done.  More is the only thing that is going to see you as an organisation survive.


Right now, let’s be honest, you’re feeling scared;


you’re feeling isolated;


you feel totally ill-equipped to deliver the right support, encouragement, prioritisation, motivation and back-up you know your team needs; 


you feel very responsible, very exposed


And you’re not willing to add to load of your already super-stressed line manager for their help – s/he is already working silly hours, making impossible decisions, and trying to keep everything afloat.


So, you’re just going to have to get your head down, accept there will be mistakes along the way, and just get on with it

What if I told you I can offer a secret weapon?

What if I told you that you can face the next 6 months with the support and back-up of someone whose role is purely to focus on YOU to and support YOU



  • some front-loaded extra/refresher training and coaching to help you do some of the tough stuff;

  • some management and coaching knowledge, tools and skills, to help you bring your team with you

  • work on mindset and courage, to give you the confidence to face each day with positivity and to be there for your team;

  • a (virtual) coffee /gin / hug and to be there for you when you need to off-load and when you need that same support, positivity and re-grouping

What if I told you that there is a way for you to love the journey as much as the destination?

Twelve knowledge modules: training videos; associated study books, suggestions for further reading and study, all contained within an easily accessible online platform

Group Coaching Sessions:

fortnightly group coaching to recap module learning, to discuss real-life examples and scenarios where these have come into play

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions:

quarterly 1-2-1 sessions to explore and interrogate individuals’ understanding; impact and for support in real-life interpretation 

(lifetime access)


Mastermind Peer Support private facebook group for masterminding, peer brainstorming, accountability, confidence, & camaraderie (Chatham House rules apply)


Online in-between support

Email and in-group support in between scheduled sessions for crisis or short-notice change and challenge


Plus, at the end of the programme, you can keep the momentum going in 





my Private client support group

(your rate stays at the founder member price of £35 pcm for as long as you remain a member)

Team Well

What's included?

Heard enough?

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"Under pressure, most things break in the middle.  Middle Management is THE hardest job"

Simon Sinek, Author of Start with Why


has been designed specifically to make sure that this doesn't happen to you or your organisation

under pressure most things break in the


is a 6-month learning, coaching and support programme, front-loaded with training and coaching for managing during uncertainty, and is designed specifically to add extra support and relieve some pressure at that vulnerable middle section – the managers of front-line staff

The programme is based on a 3-element framework.  In each of the learning areas we will develop:


Knowledge – learning and understanding factual information and theoretical concepts, and their inter-relation


Skill - the ability to apply that knowledge to different personalities, situations and circumstances


Confidence – growing belief in your own ability, skills and experience.  Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules, it needs to develop and grow

The programme is delivered following the 70/20/10 learning model


As such, it is designed to be covered “on-the-job’, growing knowledge, skill and confidence, and putting them into practice from day one.

70 _ 20 _ 10 model-2.png

The Modules

There are 12 modules to the course, which are covered in depth over the first three months, and then revisited, refined and embedded over the following three


What do good Managers Do?


Change & Transformation


Individuals and their characteristics




Successful Teams


Communication & Meetings






Team Wellbeing & Mental Health




Motivation & Motivating


Dealing with the c*ap

I'm Claire

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I’m a Roffey Park Institute and Management Centre trained fundraising and management consultant and mentor


I’ve worked in and with some well-known charities in the arts and caring /hospice sectors and have been exactly where you are! 


Having worked freelance for some time, I had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune and hone my own approach to observing, learning about, immersing myself in, and coaching & motivating teams.

For some time, I've been concerned about middle managers in our organisations, and the pressure we place on them balanced with the lack of training provided in the basics of management, motivation and performance.  


I looked around for courses to recommend, that cater specifically for learning and developing management skills in the fundraising and charity sector, as opposed to leadership skills (they are not the same) and having not found any, I decided to create my own.


This course has been 18-months in the research and the writing and I am so happy to finally be bringing it to the sector

Hear from some clients

Jo McGuinness

For me personally, Claire’s insight and support in how to handle change and people’s reaction to change whilst remaining aware of my own limitations has been crucial.


Her guidance has helped me to understand how to remain resilient by looking after my own wellbeing, being mindful of what I can help with and where listening is simply what is needed, and how to temper reactions that are out of proportion

Emily Casson

Claire has been coaching me  for the last few months.  Her wisdom and supportive challenge have allowed me to successfully lead my team through a difficult time and keep on top of my own goals, challenges and motivation.


Claire’s recent work and research have gained her a reputation as the expert on wellbeing in the Fundraising sector, with complete understanding of the challenges and pressures fundraisers are under.  This course is exactly what we need

Linzi Warburton

Putting the person before the role, Claire’s focus on management and wellbeing is refreshing. Recognising the challenges many fundraisers face, Claire’s support, useful tips and advice helps put you in the best place to tackle them with confidence.

Support like Claire’s brings fresh ideas, new approaches and the opportunity for teams and individuals to be even better, in a safe and supportive way. And in the post-Covid world we find ourselves in, should be embraced to the very full

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I know what it's like to work in the charity sector.  And I know that amazing glow-inside feeling when things are going well, your team is working well, and things are "good-challenging"


And I also know how gruelling, tiring, scary and relentless life is when things are "bad-challenging" and you need to motivate and support your team while feeling just the same as them yourself

Step inside Motivate and let me perform that motivating and supporting role for you AND coach you through new learning, skills and experience to enable you to be the manager each member of your team needs you to be, so that they can be the best fundraiser / communicator / service deliverer your organisation needs them to be!

To sign up, click on one of the options below. Or, if you're still unsure, book a call with me here and we can have a chat about your specific situation and how Motivate could fit



6-month Mastermind





the details

Motivate Mastermind™ is a six-month manager mindset, skills and confidence mastermind

The next cohort will run from 30 November 2020 to 31 May 2021

The mastermind includes lifetime access to the videos, the workbooks and the templates; and six months' access to the Motivate Members Club 

As a reminder, this is what you get on the inside

Twelve management theory modules (value £948 )

Bi-weekly group coaching/mentoring calls (value £1300)

Quarterly 1:1  focus sessions (value £400)

Online in-between support (value £910)

Peer Group Mastermind (£210)

Total Value - £3,768

(FYI This is ACTUAL value - the prices I would charge for delivering these elements separately over 6 months - rather than random numbers plucked from thin air)

Cost - £750 - Payment plans offered as standard!

If you need to talk to us about different payment terms (e.g. payment on invoice / payment over a longer period) please contact us by chat below right 

Motivate Bootcamp™ is a 12-module self study programme that will be available one a week for 12 weeks from 30th November and can be started at any point from that date onwards

The bootcamp includes lifetime access to the videos, the workbooks and the templates


Inside you will get

Lifetime access to Twelve management theory modules (value £948 )

Cost - £450