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management & managers

the impact of a great manager, and
just as importantly, a poor manager,

is often overlooked

the “abundantly clear” cost of poor management

More than two in five employees have left a job because of a bad manager

A survey of 2,100 UK employees, conducted by Visier, found that 43 per cent of workers have left a job at some point in their career because of their manager.


The poll also found that more than half (53 per cent) of those considering leaving their jobs say that they were looking to change roles because of their manager.

the hidden
cost of poor management

70% of a team's engagement depends on the Manager - better engagement = better performance

Research by Gallup found that variance of up to 70% in team engagement (the strength of the mental and emotional connection people feel toward their organisation, their team, and the work they do) depends on their Manager. The 3 main contributory factors are:

  • the team's perceptions of their Manager

  • the Manager's level of engagement

  • the Manager's talents

the opportunity cost of poor management

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Simon Sinek famously said "most things break in the middle". 


And in the "for good" sector, we have relied on our middle managers for years - and that was before the pandemic took hold.

With the additional challenges of remote working, changing work and delivery, colleague uncertainty and sector uncertainty, we need our managers to be skilled motivators, mentors, translators, prioritisers, and in many cases, also operational deliverers too. 


The fact that only 21% of charity sector line managers have ever received any formal management training makes this an even tougher mountain to climb.

In many cases, untrained, ill-equipped Managers go on to become organisational Leaders who are still untrained and ill-equipped Managers. And when this goes wrong, it can go very wrong. Frequent examples include "problem" people that SLT / CEO don't deal with because they don't know how; which can lead to frustrated problem people who start to impact the environment around them; and at the higher level, problem behaviours that start to impact entire organisations with their toxicity

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When colleagues know and understand more about themselves and each other, teams fly!

There is an abundance of data which proves that engaged, well-communicated-with and collectively-purpose-driven teams outperform their disengaged, badly communicated-with, siloed colleagues by significant margins.

Download our FREE  You-ser Manual for Managers' use with their colleagues, designed to help build and strengthen communication, relationships and understanding in purpose-driven teams​

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Management Skill & Confidence

skills needed

Sign up to the June 2022 waiting list and as well as the below you will get an extra waiting list bonus!

13 weeks of weekly live 90-minute group training module sessions

 Lifetime access to the Monthly live coaching calls

 Accompanying workbook for each module for you to use, complete, revisit and keep

 Lifetime access to the Motivate online peer support group

 Lifetime access to the training module video recordings

Claire Warner

First 90 Days

The first 90 Days in any new role are the MOST crucial period of your time in that role. What you do, how you do it, the relationships you build and the perception you create will determine your entire tenure in the role.  Kind of important then that you get these first 13 weeks right then?

Manager 1:1 Coaching

Often you will find a candidate who is exactly the right person for your Manage role and who is entirely ready for that next challenge, but they're going to need more 1:1 coaching and support than you're able to give them.  Don't let that stop you making what you know is the right appointment


The option for you if you're signing up three or more people from organisation at the same time - 20% discount

the wellbeing-led management skill & confidence programme


Our workshops cover the various essential areas of great managing, including: communicating clearly; how to hold effective 1:1s; roles impact on each other across your organisation, and with 

about claire

Claire Warner Charity Wellbeing_edited.jpg

Claire Warner is an award-winning workplace wellbeing specialist, a Roffey Park Institute-trained Management Coach, and is widely regarded as one of the for-good sector's leading wellbeing champions.  


In a successful 19-year career as a fundraising leader, Claire raised  more than £50 million for capital, project and revenue activities.  She also managed and mentored more than 100 fundraising and comms professionals and supported many of them into managerial and leadership roles themselves.


In 2016, Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer and gave up work for 10-months while she underwent surgery and treatment and never went back to Fundraising.


Claire Warner Wellbeing was created when her own experience of serious unwellbeing provided Claire with a new focus and purpose.


What is the programme time commitment?

Part One is three months and consists of thirteen 90-minute live training modules.  We hold the calls live as we know that when people are given a date and a time, they stick with the programme better than if the course is purely self-led.  There is a workbook that accompanies each call and we estimate a further 30 - 60 minutes spend on each of these will help focus on the specifics of your situation.  All of the calls are recorded so that you can go back and watch again and incase there are some weeks you can't attend live.

Part Two is a further three months and consists of live monthly live coaching calls where Motivate participants past and present can come and share their own specific challenges and ask questions, and where we rehearse, share and grow confidence.  These will last between 90minutes and 2 hours depending on the number of questions asked.  We request that you attend for 3 months to complete the course.  You are welcome to attend for as long as you like beyond the 3 months.

When do the calls take place?

The weekly training calls take place at 10am (UK time) on Wednesday mornings.  There is an orientation call and then 13 weeks of module training sessions.  All of the training module calls are recorded and participants have lifetime access to those recordings.  

The coaching calls are monthly, on the last Wednesday of every month at midday

When does the programme start?

We run Motivate twice a year.  This next programme starts in July 2022

How long does the programme last?

The formal structure of the programme lasts 6-months - 3 months for the training modules and 3-months of coaching.  However, beyond the 3-months of coaching requisite to complete the programme, participants get *lifetime access to the monthly live coaching calls as well as to the alumni online peer support community and to the module session video recordings.

How do I pay?

You can either pay by card or on invoice.  Payments are structured differently for Individuals who are enrolling themselves in the programme and they can choose to pay over 6 or 12 months (or in full)

There are also different payment structures for organisations booking places for 3 or more colleagues; and for organisations wanting to book places for ALL of their Managers and aspiring Managers

What level is the Motivate programme?

We are in the process of applying for CPD accreditation for Motivate and will update this section when that has been achieved. 

We've also done lots of research and comparison as part of creating Motivate and believe to be equivalent in content and career stage as somewhere between a Certificate and Diploma Level 5 and 6. However, there is no final submitted work in Motivate, it is designed to be a work-in-progress and so we never "mark" your work.

Can you run a version of Motivate as an in-house programme for us?

If you want all of your organisation's Managers to access the programme (and there are MANY advantages of doing so) we do have an organisation option our open programme sign up (see here) 


But, yes, we can also run an in-house version just for you and your colleagues.  Contact us here for more information

Does the programme include any 1:1 management coaching?

Motivate is a group training and coaching programme and has been deliberately designed as such so that participants learn from each others' experience as well as from the prepared programme content.  During the coaching calls, individuals are coached by Claire and their specific questions are discussed but there is no 1:1 provision in the programme.  Motivate participants can book 1:1 coaching with Claire separately at a discounted rate.

You (and anyone / any organisation) can engage Claire for 1:1 management coaching for anyone outside of the Motivate programme too.

How would you describe the learning style of Motivate?

We try to work along the lines of the 70 / 20 / 10 learning model and structure our programmes so that they cater for a number of different preferred learning styles and different peaks and troughs in workload of the participants.  

We start with the knowledge and the skills learning on the modules section: and then move onto the development and confidence growth in the coaching section; the workbooks are provided to help bring the content right back to you and your current situation and where you need to focus; and the peer support allows for further growth and confidence building

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I'd like to know more

for more information email us at or use this link to book a call and we can have a chat