purpose-driven individuals

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My one-to-one work combines both coaching & mentoring for skills, confidence and performance, in the pursuit of supporting you or a colleague through a particular period of challenge - changing jobs; stepping up a level; dips in confidence; risk of overwhelm; the learning of specific new skills etc

Some of the programmes are pre-designed to help in specific situations & circumstances: first 90 days of a new role; returning to work after a break or absence; confidence building

Others are co-designed with you to help in your own individual situation

We always start with a Coffee Call to chat through your situation and agree a programme that's right for you from there. Unless you want one bumper super-session, programmes take place over a minimum of six sessions. 

group programmes

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Thrive is my programme specifically designed for Fundraising Directors who don't have separate income stream teams and specialists within their teams. Imagine having 10 income-stream specialist consultants on retainer for a whole year; plus weekly live coaching calls; plus peer support; plus a library of resources prepared by the income stream specialists and additional guest experts workshops and you might come somewhere close to the awesomeness that is Thrive.  

Existing members and coaches have described it as "the team around your team", "the best 90-minutes of my week" and "the Swiss Army knife of the fundraising directors' world"

Video Conference

the virtual office

I opened the Virtual Office in December of 2020 when the second national lockdown was announced in the UK as a result of the ongoing C19 pandemic.

The Virtual Office is a ronseal-titled programme - it's a Virtual Office, for people who either work from home as their permanent place of work, or alone as a freelancer or consultant. A community of people from all kinds of organisations and backgrounds, creating and enjoying an "office environment". Join us for daily co-working hours, weekly goal-setting, wellbeing check-in's, and Thirsty Thursdays; and a private facebook group peer support community.

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My signature live group coaching programme. to grow confidence and skill, knowledge & expertise as a motivator and mobiliser of teams.


Learn the theory, apply the theory to the reality of your team, ask the questions, practice with your pod members, set a plan, and implement it - simples


Whether you're a long-time manager and team encourager looking to learn new skills or tackle the areas you know you avoid, or new to having a team, you will gain competence, confidence and courage


starting out

Not everyone is ready for one of the options above as soon as they find me. And that's totally cool. Everyone needs to start their journey somewhere!

As well as the freebies you can sign up for, I have some self-study courses you can purchase and work through on your own in your own time, which you have access to forever!

And I also run a Virtual Office, for those working on their own, and two facebook groups: Fundraising Director Squad for Fundraising Managers, Heads of & Directors, and one to help individuals focus on and achieve Best not Stressed