We are fundraising & comms - specialists in storytelling for charities and health organisations

We help create amazing projects 

We help communicate needs, aspirations and ideals

We help motivate others to join you, to support you, and to love you

raison d'etre

We are fundraising & comms.  We specialise in working with charities and healthcare organisations.  

We have spent over 20 years working in the third sector, during which we've gained extensive experience of working with a wide range of charities, from regional and national organisations to one-man-band charities.  There is a place and a need for both. But the resources and armouries available to the smaller organisations are distinctly disproportionate to those of the larger ones.

Therefore, our raison d’être is simple - to provide smaller charities and organisations with access to the same knowledge, experience and expertise as their larger charity and organisation counterparts.



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