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You, Me, We

Why would you not want to help everyone
around you be as great as they can be? 

Claire Warner

Do More Good Podcast

July 2019

Hello, welcome to the little bit of the online world dedicated to You and Me!

Increasingly (even before Covid), it's in this virtual space that I'm supporting people like YOU to slay challenge, to see change, to achieve results


You're probably here because of one of the reasons below


And you might not have admitted that reason out loud yet

And that's fine


If you want to work with someone who will challenge your thinking, support your growth and be a constant source of calm, I am your woman


Or you might be here totally by mistake - if so, read on anyway - maybe the universe is trying to tell you something!


So, who are YOU and what has found you here?

You (or someone you work with) are facing a whole new set of challenges and responsibilities.  While you’re (they’re) not struggling yet, you (they) think it’s only a matter of time and would like to secure some impartial and knowledgeable support to help you (them) through this period of uncertainty without adding to the already full-to-bursting-workloads of your existing colleagues


You (or someone you work with) have recently taken on additional responsibilities outside of your (their) existing zone of genius and you / they need to up-skill and up-level while actually performing the role, and without impacting on the workload of others


You (or someone you work with) have recognised that in order to advance in your (their) career, there are some gaps in your (their) experience and learning which need to be filled in order to progress

You (or someone who works with you) manage a small team but have had no formal management training.  Current circumstances have all but exhausted your management experience to date and you know that in order to support your (their) team through the challenges ahead, and for you (them) to do so and retain your life balance, you (they) need more training and support


You (or a colleague) head up a department and are starting to feel the loneliness of the role. Your team are great and working at 200% but you’re struggling matching their needs and responsibilities with the demands of your organisation. You recognise some external impartial support would really benefit you, and vicariously, your team


You are the CEO (or Trustee) of an organisation and would like to do some proactive and inclusive work around wellbeing and culture in your organisation but need external expertise and resource to support you

As CEO of a local or regional organisation, you struggle to recruit and retain staff with the skills and experience you need at the salary you are able to offer.  Staff turnover is higher than you'd like and you're struggling to see how you can make the strategic shift and step-change you seek within the structure and the resources you have at your disposal

you're a proactive leader, already with organisational culture and wellbeing front of mind and on your agenda but are keen to know what more could be done and what impact and benefit further focus could have

you recognised a bit of yourself in more than one of these examples, and are looking for an impartial professional to use as a short-term sounding board and mentor to help you through a specific period or challenge

you're not really sure whether you're any of the above but have heard about me and wanted to know a bit more

Whatever the reason you're here,


Pull up a chair, 
grab a cuppa,
and let me help you find out more

This is me - the real, at home, un-airbrushed, stuff in the background of the selfie, me - Claire Warner

entrepreneur, fundraiser, leader, embarrassing mum, forgetful wife, fierce ally, occasional potty-mouth, cancer survivor, motivated mentor, loyal friend

regularly found in a slogan tee or hoodie and much of the time, totally winging it!

I've spent the whole of my 20+ year working career in the For-Good sector. I've been a practitioner, a manager and a leader;  a volunteer, a trustee and a supporter.  I even expereinced life as a beneciciary for a while too - but that's a different story


All I've ever known is working a sector committed to securing the income needed to help change the world. And what an awesome place it is to be​!

I've honed my fundraising & management craft in some inspiring organisations across the country. I've had some huge highs and a few fairly depressing startling lows. But I've learnt a lot about me and our sector along the way

Now I work  with people and organisations across the UK and beyond, each with the desire to allow and enable their people to be the best they can be for as long as they can keep them

And I am at my happiest and my absolute best when working amongst these like-minded people - my #squad

I use the 20+ years of learning, training, skills and experience at practitioner, manager, leader and mentor level in my armoury, to champion attention and investment in:

  • fundraising and fundraisers

  • management & leadership training

  • people nurture & development

  • wellbeing

I LOVE, that my role now allows me to measure my own success through the successes of those whose teams, talents and careers I support and nurture, all of whom are successfully changing the world and some, leading teams of their own

A period of significant illness of my own in 2016/17, which forced me to take a year out of work all together, acted to further cement my commitment working with those facing challenge and facing change.  I work as a Consultant & Mentor to support exactly these people 


In 2018, I founded Charity Well, an initiative bringing focus to the wellbeing of fundraisers and others in the charity sector

The Charity Well project is one of the few activities I can think of where someone has decided to draw a line in the sand and say “no more”

Rather than waiting for permission or incremental change, and having enquired and found no other current activity around the topic, 

Claire took it upon herself to make a better sector for tomorrow

​extract from Shortlisted #ChangeCollective Award nomination 2020


My mission is

to change the lives of fundraising and charity professionals, managers and leaders

(including those who don't yet feel they 'own' the title)

by helping them to succeed and to lead

with confidence, with credibility, with respect, with courage

and as part of a balanced life

And, to instil those same attributes and values

in their colleagues, now and in the future  


integrity  -  loyalty  -  passion  -  bravery  -  balance  -  fun

These six values run through the core of my life as well as underpinning my work

They dictate who I work with; how I work; how I approach work; what you can expect of me; what I expect of you; and, where you will see me voice my opinions or help amplify the opinions of others

To find out more about what to expect when working me, take a look at my aptly named What to Expect page


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,
and working together is success"
Henry Ford


What do you want to challenge / change / achieve for yourself and/or

for your organisation?


And how can I help you?

I work with individuals and organisations in a few different ways:

I am a trained Mentor and work with individuals who want support, accountability and/or guidance through either a particular change or challenge and those who want regular consistent external perspective and support.  

My work as a Coach is similar (although I'm usually engaged by the organisation rather than the individual) and I help people up-level into new or stretch role or in roles with new responsibilties. 

This coaching enables organisations to retain amazing people and support & train them on-the-job into roles they're not yet quite ready for.

Increasingly, more of my coaching work comes from providing management coaching and training to those moving into their first management role or tothose who've been managing for some time but never received any formal training.

The Consultancy work I've become known and recommended for covers a variety of project areas,  all mainly covered under the Fundraising; Management and Organisational Culture umbrellas.  


I've undertaken Management Team reviews for Trustees; I've written People Strategies with organisations wanting to increase focus on and commitment to their staff; I've undertaken organisation wellbeing research and projects; I've done succession planning; I've led fundraising culture and organisation culture projects; I've facilitated away-days.  And throughout, I've championed my mantra - People before Policy

I also have some off-the-shelf and customisable products and Training courses, specifically designed for those in Fundraising and Charity Management & Leadership, which you can explore soon

Increasingly over the last 2 or 3 years, I've also taken on more speaking engagements, now regularly being asked to talk about charity and fundraiser wellbeing, and (totally differently!) about living with and after Breast Cancer (and the Facebook post that resulted in multiple national tv and newspaper interview requests)

And finally, there's my sector wellbeing initiative, Charity Well and my ongoing work to improve the wellbeing of all those working in the charity sector.   My initial research study in 2019, secured the views and opinions of  700+ fundraisers and was shortlisted for an Institute of Fundraising Award in 2020.  The headline findings of the study were featured in the June 2020 edition of Civil Society's Fundraising Magazine.  My work with organisations on culture and wellbeing is based on my 20+year career experience; on the research I've undertaken into the links between productivity, performance and wellbeing; and on the 700+ strong voices within our independent study

In response to some of the issues highlighted in the research, I created  Shine the popular, free 5-day wellbeing challenge for charity sector professionals, which is run quarterly. Sign-up to wait list for the next challenge here

I also have gained a number of wellbeing-focussed clients to my mentoring / coaching and consulting projects

There is much more work and campaigning planned under the Charity Well umbrella, keep checking back to find out our latest plans

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