Claire Warner EDI Statement.png

equality, diversity & inclusion

I believe in equity, equality, diversity and inclusion. I support the dismantling of patriarchy, of white supremacy, of ableism and of homophobia. 


My struggle in writing this page sums up my struggle with saying or writing anything related to Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  I come from a place of goodwill but with many fears of saying and/or doing the wrong thing, and of not doing the right thing.  But fear and good will are not a good policy.

My own reading and learning are teaching me every day that unwitting behaviour is just as bad as deliberate behaviour and the responsibility is mine to learn, not an others' to teach me. 


I am a white, middle aged, probably just scraping middle class woman and I am acutely aware of my privilege.

Until recently, I believed my conscious non-bias, non-prejudice and my awareness of my privilege, was enough.  But I am increasingly becoming aware how wrong that position is. And I apologise.

I still have much to learn and much to unlearn, and am making a deliberate effort to do so/

My equity, equality, diversity and inclusion promises:


I promise to try

I promise to improve

I promise to learn

I promise to ask

I promise to change as a result of learning

I promise to challenge inequality

I promise to call out poor behaviour

I promise to apologise and put it right when I inevitably get things wrong

I choose to only work with people who share my values and my commitments and who are also committed to making their own improvements.