Coaching offers many benefits to the recipient, the recipient's line manager and to the charity as a whole.

In the charity sector, every penny really does count.  And so, where a training course could potentially cover 50% of the skills learning or development you area looking for, and potentially could involve case studies and examples which might have similarities to your organisation, our coaching offers 100% fully tailored content, examples which are real and relevant, and ongoing (duration varies) support to ensure that the learning is embedded and implemented


Individual Coaching

Coaching offers the recipient a safe space in which to ask as many questions as they like, to tailor content, to practice and revisit and to make sure that the learning is secure, not a workbook and notebook full of jumbled notes which 48hrs later don't make any sense

Coaching offers the recipient's line manager the flexibility to make specific content or emphasis requests and to monitor progress. Most importantly, it allows development and enhancing of an individual's skills, to your own design and standard - as close to delivering the support yourself without actually needing to find the time to do it yourself.  It allows you to potentially keep a colleague who may have left in order to gain more / different experience elsewhere or a colleague who without the coaching and support couldn't have been considered for the one internal promotion which was likely to keep them

Coaching offers the charity as a whole a supported route to up-skilling existing staff, or the ability to take on a not-quite-ready but ABSOLUTELY the right 'fit' candidate in a recruitment scenario.

Whether it's teaching and supporting a "bright-young-thing" into a Community Fundraiser role, or enabling an amazing fundraiser to take the first step on the management ladder, we can work with you to create a coaching programme that will deliver the support the individual and the charity needs.

Group Coaching

Do you spend much of your time working on your own, or as the only fundraiser, or as the only person responsible for fundraising strategy, and really miss the opportunity to work with a group of others who "get it"? Maybe to bounce ideas off, maybe to share knowledge and experience? Or just to spend some quality working time in the company of others likely to be facing the same challenges as you?

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