Working Together

So, if you've been sent the link to this page, that means that you've decided there's something we can work together on - Yay!

So, now I can show you the real me so when we skype / zoom you're not scared off by the reality of a 43-yr old who is growing her hair back after chemo and has a few more greys and wrinkles then in the more polished photos of the public pages.

The photo above is of me on one of my last days out before I was diagnosed, and probably the last time I had a pornstar martini (my absolute favourite). It shows me on a night out with a group of colleagues, celebrating the success of a really big project. One which stretched me, one which gave me more than my fair share of "arghh, I can't do this" moments, but one which I am immensely proud of.  And when you do great work, and work hard to achieve it, and when you can see how that effort is going to be life-changing for others, you should celebrate your tiny but important part in the bigger picture.  So we did.

I tell you all of this, purely because, if you're not used to it, Skype/Zoom can be a bit daunting and lots of people worry about how they're going to look on screen.  PLEASE DON'T!

When we do zoom / skype, I won't be hanging backwards off a chair with a drink (but how good would that be??) I won't have make-up on, I will probably have my glasses on, I may or may not have a pony tail in, which may or may not have been brushed before putting up. There may well be washing or a dog (or both) in the background. 


In other words, please don't worry about what you're wearing or how you look for the call, I really won't notice! 

Help me to help you

In order for us to achieve as much as possible in our session, I need to know some more information about you, about the organisation you work for, about your role, and about the particular task or challenge that we're going to work on so that I can do some pre-work and can tailor my approach and have the most productive session possible.


I KNOW that there looks to be a lot of questions but: -


  1. I don't need fully constructed answers, just words or bullet points will do

  2. actually approaching your task / challenge in this way may help you to gain some clarity and insight as well as me - often the process of just getting down on paper what the issue is, what isn't happening that you want to happen, and what do you want to see happen can really help you understand and find a different approach yourself

So, give it a go, click on the link, complete the questions, save them (you may want to reference them when we chat) and press submit, and I'll make a start.

*NB Please make sure you get it back to me at least 48 working hours before our session



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