"a form of development in which a person supports a learner in achieving a specific  goal by providing training and guidance"

Coaching offers many benefits to the coachee, the coachee's direct colleagues, and the charity as a whole.  


In the charity sector every penny really does count.  And so, where a training course could potentially cover 50% of the skills learning or development you area looking for, and might involve some case studies and examples with similarities to your organisation, our coaching offers:

  • 100% fully tailored content; 

  • examples which are real and relevant; and

  • ongoing (duration varies) support to ensure that the learning is embedded and implemented


UK small and medium sized charities are by their very nature, quite flat structures, where common practice tends to dictate an individual has to "move out to move up".


Investing in the development of your existing staff not only brings greater skills and expertise to your organisation, but it also improves morale and loyalty! 


LinkedIn’s 2018 global workplace learning trends report 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career.  


How many charity leaders do not have "staff retention" or "staff turnover" on their watch-lists?


So, whether you've got a bright-young thing who you want to invest in and develop, and keep in your team; a staff member who has line-management responsibility for the first time, a candidate who is an ideal "fit" for your team and your culture but doesn't yet have the skill or experience you need; and you don't have the time to deliver this yourself, talk to me about how I can help.

Details of our coaching packages can be found here.  Or email me to arrange a chat, or click on the link below and book a diary slot direct, to discuss your specific requirements



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