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coaching & mentoring

The work I do with individuals on a one-to-one basis tends to happen during periods of change, challenge, or uncertainty in client's lives


It may be when they're seeking or about to start in a new role. It might be when they're facing uncertainty, or a loss of confidence, focus or motivation. They might be simply tired of the loneliness of their post.


Some seek rebalancing due to changes at home. Some come because of changes at work.  Some come because change has affected both work and home

I provide skills, performance, executive and confidence coaching / mentoring.  Our work together usually will cover one or more of these areas:

wellbeing & life balance

mindset & confidence

career and skills development

stress management, resilience and boundaries

imposter syndrome, perfectionism and procrastination

performance & effectiveness

management skills & confidence

focus & motivation

isolation & disconnection

relationships and conflict resolution at work

coping with change and uncertainty

When I say coaching / mentoring, I provide a blend of the two.  I deliver what you need at the time. Sometimes that's the support and questioning to discover the solution for yourself. Others, it's simply to tell you how things are done

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skills coaching

Skills coaching is used when you don't know what you need to know. Where new skills, knowledge or competencies need to be learnt, honed and embedded.

This could be to help succeed in a new or expanded role, to prepare for a promotion or for career progression.


About half of my skills coaching clients approach me themselves to help them take a step forwards.


The other half come to me via a Manager who truly wants to promote an existing members of staff but doesn't have the time to coach them themselves.


We work on theory, examples, best practice and I share my own knowledge, skills and expertise.

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performance coaching

Performance coaching is used when you know what you want or need to achieve, and know that you can achieve it, but need some support, help or some guided thinking through.


Performance coaching combines direct (taught) and indirect (listening & questioning) coaching.

Sometimes clients approach me, worried that they are under-performing and not feeling able to approach their line manager.  Other clients are introduced or referred by their line manager.

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executive coaching

The executive coaching I do is often with Directors, Exec Directors, Senior Leaders, or CEOs, where the often peerless nature of their role and their responsibilities, leave them with no obvious critical friend, sounding board, rant-buddy, thinking partner or form of accountability.

These relationships often last much longer than 6 sessions, purely because of the ongoing benefit to the recipient.

Claire and Michelle

confidence coaching

More and more recently, I've been asked if I provide confidence coaching (which I do). In fact, so frequent were the requests at the height of the pandemic in 2020, I created a group coaching programme, Change The Stories, to help people work through confidence, limiting belief and imposter syndrome issues.

Confidence coaching helps the individual to discover confidence for themselves.  It's one of my favourite forms of coaching and the results are brilliant to see.

How does it work?

The success of any coaching / mentoring work lies in the relationship between you, the client, and me


I offer all potential clients a free call to allow us to get to know each other and for you to judge whether I'm the right person for you to work with.


Once you've signed up I send some pre-session questions, which help guide our sessions - the more you are able to put into these in advance, the more we can achieve in the sessions. Up-front, we will agree what your objectives are for that period and how we will ensure you achieve them


We work in 6-session blocks, sessions usually held a fortnight or a month apart. However, I also offer one-off super-sessions for short-burst, high-energy, fast action, trouble-shooting


We hold each session live on zoom (which can be recorded if requested in advance) and after each session, you receive a follow-up email with the notes from the session, and a link to book your next appointment along with questions to help focus our discussions in your next session


So, if you're looking for some in-the-know support; to up-level to the next stage in your role; for some solidarity during the Covid recovery phase; or for someone on-side in your new role, let's get started!

Capacity is limited - I am only able to work with ten 1:1 clients in any Quarter

There are currently 3 slots left available the quarter October - December 2021


Coaching Programmes

What do you get

6 live coaching calls

(plus recordings if requested)

Access to the Library of resources and information provided by the Thrive Resident Experts

Thrive Leaders private peer support facebook group

Access to tickets for Thrive Live

£135 per session for 6 sessions (£810)

discounted to £675 if
paid in-full up-front

Super Session

Need help today?

a super-intensive 3hr session where we can thoroughly interrogate or forensically examine a specific situation, set of considerations, or other type of challenge

​Need to reimagine the structure of your team? Need a critical friend to help you with a planning or scoping exercise? Need to hide away for half a day and get laser focussed on that one thing you keep ignoring? 

THIS is the solution

cost £400 payable on booking

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Working with Claire is like a breath of fresh air! Her support and mentoring helped me develop into the Fundraising Manager I am today

I love and admire her unique style. She understands what motivates me (and others), and uses that to get the very best from me.

Her ability to say it like it is and offer constructive feedback is refreshing, and I've learnt a lot from it. 

Don't even hesitate, work with her!

You'll think, laugh, grow, smile, and ever cry

AND you'll be a better fundraiser because of it

Emma Russ, Regional Fundraising Manager

Alzheimers Society