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Clients & Testimonials

These are just a selection of the organisations we have had / continue to have the priviledge to work alongside

And here is what some of our charity and individual clients have

say about working with us

We were struggling with our fundraising team leadership.  We had no problem at all in recruiting great people but they never stayed. This was causing disruption amongst the team and was destabilising relationships with supporters and donors

Claire was half of a 2-person team recommended to us.  The review conducted was thorough and informative, and their recommendations were adopted wholesale.  Such was their experience and insight and the confidence they brought, we asked them to stay and implement the recommendations they had made.

Theirs was an energising and yet calming influence: they nurtured and energised the team, and calmed and gave confidence to the Board

 In all, Claire worked on different projects with us over a 6-year period, culminating in recruiting a full-time Head of Development replacement to the totally reshaped team, offer and structure

Claire was recommended to us by another Hospice.  We'd  promoted a colleague into a Head of Income Generation role whose charity retail experience was second to none but whose fundraising experience was less developed.

Claire mentored the Head of Income Generation for a period of 12-months.  And boy did they achieve a lot!  A restructure resulted in a balanced and focussed team, each with clear ideas of what their role was, where it fitted within other roles in the team, what was expected of them, and a plan to achieve their KPIs.

Community Fundraising improved by 76%, profit from our lottery increased from £18,000 per year to £110,000, and our first work on securing legacies was introduced. 

The relationship worked for everyone: the HOIG developed a great relationship with Claire, and grew and gained confidence in the role; the Fundraising team emerged better structured and with clear purpose and direction; and income improved

Taking on an emerging role was always going to be difficult but the unforeseen tragedies that hit the team within weeks of Claire’s joining made it even more so - it is difficult to think of a scenario which would be more challenging. However, a pragmatic and supportive approach to line management meant that she continued to pick up all the fundraising commitments whilst also developing relationships with and supporting every member of the team


Claire has a very strong work ethic. Enthusiasm, commitment, drive and passion to achieve are also always apparent and are frankly refreshing. Claire’s commitment and loyalty are also strengths which the team clearly recognised.


We had an eclectic array of different personalities, skills and experience within the team which can lend to challenges at times, but not to Claire.  She was not only a short-term asset to the organisation but also a source of support and confidence 

Claire is hungry to help you achieve what is best for you as an individual as well as the organisation, and more than anyone else I’ve worked with, sees that these two things often overlap more than you expect.


Claire helped me take ownership of personal development, but also of rest, and how these two acts that may be considered selfish will actually help me bring a better self to work.

The thing that surprised me most about working with Claire is how much she drew out from me – she showed me how much value and confidence I had in myself already, but hadn’t fully pulled out and owned before.


If you want to work with someone who will challenge your thinking, support your growth and be a constant source of calm, Claire is your woman

Andy King

Remarkable Partnerships

Working with Claire is like

a breath of fresh air!

I love and admire her unique management style. She understands what motivates me, and used that to get the very best from me. Her ability to say it like it is and offer constructive feedback is refreshing, and I've learnt a lot from it. 


 Claire knew when I was okay, when I wasn’t, when I needed pushing, when I needed distracting and when I needed to step back, was always right (not that I would have agreed at the time!) and always in my best interest. She cared about me and her team on a personal level and that’s something quite unique in a manager.

I feel lucky to have kept Claire as a mentor. She has helped me to develop into the fundraiser and manager I am today and continues to champion me

Emma Russ

Alzheimer's Society

Claire really helped me settle into my first  Director of Fundraising role.  She encouraged  me to think through all the different things that I needed to get into place in a new organisation


She’s given me added confidence to pursue challenges that matter and to think through the issues that help an organisation to fundraise more effectively.


Claire’s wisdom and clarity will help you make the world a better place and reach your fundraising/strategic goals. Her openness will help you find answers to the questions you face (or make sure you’re asking the right questions in the first place!)

Stewart Graham

Archbishop of York's

Youth Trust

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