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workplace culture & wellbeing strategist
tnbc cancer survivor
personal growth coach
entrepreneur, public speaker, blogger, podcast host


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I'm a career-driven 48-year old, 
wife of one, and mum of two

It took surviving breast cancer for me to put anything other than work on my priority list

I share my story and the changes I've made in
Life: Part Two to encourage others to not wait for anything quite so drastic themselves!

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For a short while, Cancer defined me

Now I like to think Cancer has refined me

Life - Part  Two:

formed a business
built a house
bought a horse

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Entrepreneur life

formed a business

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Family Life

built a house, bought a horse

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Survivor Life

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When my breast cancer was diagnosed, I was 41, my daughters were 9 and 2, and I'd spent the previous 10 years working with Hospice clients on fundraising & comms projects.  On the front cover of my hospital notes, my consultant wrote "Claire needs reminding at every appointment that there is a different outcome to the one she's used to"  While I heard what they were saying, it was hard to not let my thoughts turn in the opposite direction.  

To help me, my Mum started "The Good List" - a list of people we actually knew who had survived cancer.  I found the list really helpful, especially the further into treatment I got and the iller I felt and the harder I found it to picture a successful future.

T                                               is a brand new podcast launching in 2023, in which I'll be interviewing other cancer survivors, some famous and some not so famous.  But each with a story of courage and of hope for those others who will follow us

The Good List

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