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there is a shortage of good fundraisers (and other myths)

Staff turnover

1 - Have you ever had to accept the resignation of an exceptional team member who had applied for an internal promotion but who you weren't able to offer the role to?  You recognise they had the potential to develop into the roll but they weren't yet quite ready for the challenges and responsibilities of the more senior role and you didn't have the time or couldn't take the risk of not getting the Manager and Leader you needed soon enough? Did that colleague then leave and get another role elsewhere?  Were you gutted?   Are you worried it might happen again?

Have you ever interviewed an amazing "bright young thing" but had to offer the role to someone else as you didn't have the time to coach / mentor them yourself and deliver your own workload, only to then watch them 'shine' (as you knew they would) in another charity? 

Have you ever had an amazing away-day where your team has generated some potentially game-shifting ideas, but still not tested or implemented any of them 6-months later? Are those ideas still trapped in a rolled up flip chart?

Do you have meaty items on your own to-do list that have been there for more than 6-months? You know the ones I mean - the areas you identified as needing to be changed / developed / added within 4 weeks of starting in your role, but which have been neglected for smaller but more immediate tasks?

Do you feel you and your Trustees could do with some training in what the expect from your first or next fundraiser and how you can act to ensure you get the best from them?


If your answer to any of these questions is 'YES', I can help!


The links below offer information about the different ways in which I can work with you and your colleagues to up-skill and up-confidence your fundraising resource, increase your awareness and understanding of a fundraising culture and help you get the best from your greatest fundraising assets.

How I can help




            We first commissioned Claire in November 2006 as the Capital Appeal Manager. She played an instrumental role in successfully securing funds for the appeal from a number of sources including significant funds from the Department of Health 


Since taking up the post of Chief Executive in April 2011, I have found Claire to be an invaluable resource in providing Hospice fundraising knowledge and expertise.   She has worked with me on coaching of a member of the team and on the recruitment of our Head of Fundraising.  We would love to have Claire on the team in a permanent senior position, which she is very capable of fulfilling. But she prefers to continue her freelance capacity.

Mrs Rose H Milnes

Chief Executive

Woodlands Hospice



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