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Get me at my best, you get Awesome!

Get me at anything less and you're being short-changed

(and so am I)

|  you / a colleague as an individual  | 

I work with individuals and organisations of all stages, ages, causes and sizes, offering consultancy and mentoring.  My aim is to improve the lives of all those involved in the not profit sector by showing them just what a difference it makes when they put wellbeing at their core, and then helping them to do so.


Get me at my best - you get amazing

Get me at anything less, you're being short changed (and so am I!)

I love that we live in a world where people want to use their working lives to right injustices, to campaign for better, to alleviate pain and suffering, to change the world 


​And I love that my work focuses on help these awesome organisations and people to "do their thing" better and to do it "well"


Whatever the cause of your frenzy or your fog, I'm here to help.  I've been there. In many cases, I've got the t-shirt (this is the charity sector - we like a good t-shirt!)


My mission is to help those working in the charity sector to scale the challenges thrown their way with clarity, confidence, balance and success. Challenge is not a new concept to me - I'm a past master (and past disaster!)


I've lived through dealing with and emerging stronger from: Administrators at the Board Table;  the enforced exist of two CEOs;  two recessions;  restructures;  charity closure;  protracted gross misconduct cases (not mine!);  and multiple other managerial and leadership challenges (and some fairly significant health and personal life schizzle)


AND I've also experienced dealing with, and emerging stronger from: Openings; New Beginnings; Amazing campaigns and appeals;  Surprise significant gifts;  Developing Incredible talent;  Loyalty, Passion, and Devotion


I've been where you are


AND, over the last  10 years, I've supported, nurtured and mentored nearly a hundred driven, savvy, committed  (and sometimes, a little bit bonkers) charity professionals, helping them work through and improve their:

   focus and productivity;

  • structures, development and succession planning;

  • performance and goal-setting;

  mindsetmotivation and motivating; • skills and confidence;

  • organisational, team and fundraising culture; and

  • individual and workplace wellbeing 

mentor individuals wanting to develop and grow their individual expertise and roles and offer consultancy services for organisations, brands & charities wanting to skill and empower their colleagues and teams to grow, develop and shine

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What is the challenge you want to slay? 

The change you want to see and be?


Motivate Academy

Management has been identified as THE number one factor determining organisational success and wellbeing


And yet, our research shows 70% of managers in the third sector have never had access to formal management training


The risk not providing management training for individuals when they take their first steps in management is that untrained managers become untrained leaders.



is a 6-month

Management Mastermind programme, designed specifically with the needs and demands of a manager in the charity sector in mind

Our next cohort starts

Monday 30th November

One-To-One Mentoring

Working one-to-one

with me is like having a management mentor,

a people strategist, 

a mindset coach,

a sounding-board,

a challenger,

an accountability buddy 

AND a 'work mum'

all rolled into one


The frequently cited benefits of mentoring include increased confidence; clarity; better management of overwhelm and stress; setting & achieving goals

Just imagine, working together,

What challenge could you slay?


What change could you

see and be?

Sign-up at any time

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Not to be confused with our free 5-day taster challenge, the full version of SHINE is a 12-week wellbeing programme and accountability community for professionals working in the charity sector who want to improve their commitment to and achievement of resilience, wellbeing and life-balance

Whether you're a seasoned sector stalwart or a relative newbie to the crazy world of charities and non-profits, if you're already struggling with balance or can see the struggle looming on the horizon, this affordable self-care promoting programme is for YOU!

We work in 12-week blocks

Our next course starts


January 2021

I’m Claire Warner.  I am a Management Centre and Roffey Park-trained Fundraising Leader, turned Culture & Wellbeing Consultant and Mentor

I spent 14 years of my 20-year in-house/freelance career in Director / Senior Leader roles in the charity sector, working with organisations large and small, national and local, mainly in the Arts & Culture, Caring, Sports, Disability and Hospice sectors

In 2017, following a period of significant illness, I moved my focus purely into Consultancy & Mentoring to provide focus and support for fundraisers (and other sector professionals) to improve the non-fundraising areas of their work and life, to help them do their fundraising better or to help their organisations help them do their fundraising better.  I also founded Charity Well - an initiative focussed on the wellbeing of charity professionals. As part of my own development,  I’ve undertaken Coaching,  Mentoring, and Workplace Mental Health training

My work now focuses on helping organisations and professionals recognise the true value and benefit of putting culture and wellbeing at their core, and then help them to do so. This works mainly falls into three areas:

·       organisational culture & wellbeing

·       effective management & team dynamics;

·       personal development, wellbeing and life balance; 

I am a regular trainer for the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Nations, Regions and Special Interest Groups, the Media Trust, The FSI, and Hospice UK.  I have also recently become in-demand as a conference speaker on Culture and Wellbeing

Since 2017, I’ve worked with more than 20 organisation consultancy clients and over 100 one-to-one mentoring & coaching clients projects covering culture change and enrichment; wellbeing centricism, personal and professional development; wellbeing projects ; management training; and other more tailored pieces of work.


I've also had nearly 1,000 people take part in Shine, my free 5-day wellbeing challenge

Non-work Claire (the real me!) is a hill-dwelling wife of one; and mum of two humans, one canine and one equine.  I love eating, sleeping, Netflix, walking in our gorgeous outdoors (when it's not raining), spending time with Andy and the girls, belly-laughing with my friends, and most genres of music.

I work from a home office (even before Covid 19) in our cottage on top of the West Pennines in Lancashire. I am usually good at practicing what I preach around self-care, wellbeing, planning, motivation etc. But like everyone, I also have days when it all goes to pot and I can't find the glasses perched on the top of my head

Alongside me (well, virtually anyway), is the long-suffering Karen, who is my VA.  Karen is responsible for getting the Tech stuff working and making my hair-brained and short-notice ideas come to life.  If ever you can't get hold of me, please email Karen and she can hopefully help -

And, I've already mentioned them above, but there's no way we will get through working together without other Warners getting in on the act! 

Mr W, as he's usually known in my online world (or Andy IRL), my husband, is also working from home currently. You will no doubt see his regular appearances at the coffee machine located just behind my chair.

Warner Tall (Sophie IRL) is 13 and is the main person responsible for Maddie the horse.  You will generally see her when she's hungry, lost something that will take anyone else 3 nano-seconds to find, or wants money. She's very tall, very clever and amazing company (when she forgets to be an archetypal teenager)

Warner Small (Eliza IRL) is 7 and is the main person responsible for being cute.  You will generally see her when she wants a snuggle, when she's hungry and can't reach the food she wants for herself, or when she realises there is something going on in my office that she might be missing out on. 

The one person (thing) you will definitely hear even if you don't see him, is Rowan the Welsh Springer Spaniel and self-appointed announcer, barking-style, of anyone and anything that comes within a 500-yard radius of the house. I apologise for him in advance

And I have already mentioned her, but if you see Maddie the horse on any of our calls, there's something VERY wrong