the uk charity sector is an amazing movement which changes lives every day

And the people who choose to work within that movement are some of the most passionate and committed individuals you will find

Ω they fund almost half of all medical research in the UK

Ω they showcase the best of the Arts and use them to inspire and teach the next generation of artistic talent

Ω they help the long-term unemployed back into work

Ω they use Sport and the Arts as a means of achieving, aspiring and raising attainment in schools

Ω they provide a safe place for those with terminal illness to live in dignity and keep them active, vital and free from pain until they die, at which point they transfer that same care to the families and loved ones

Ω they tell the inspiring stories of those who fought and died so that we might live in peace

Ω they improve the lives of those living with disabilities and sensory impairments and provide them with a national voice

Ω they work with families in the hope that every child will get the love, and care and start in life they deserve 

and that's just the charities I've had the pleasure of working with!

There are around 163,000 charities in the UK with an annual income of £48bn


If the UK charity sector were a country, it would be the 85th largest country by GDP in the world: larger than Serbia, Tunisia, Bahrain, and Iceland. The sector employs 827,000 people

The UK's largest charity (by income) is Cancer Research UK at £463m (2016/17).  The vast majority of UK charities have incomes of £5 million or less - many have an annual income of <£1m 


And the sector as a whole makes a significant difference to the lives of many millions of people in this country and in others, ever single year

And that difference is only made possible by you, the people who work in the charity sector 

You are amazing

You make a difference

You make the world a better place to live

Thank you!



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