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Have you ever noticed, when one area of your life starts going better / well, the others suddenly also seem either better too or if not better themselves, easier to cope with?

That's what my Well-cubed Framework (The Well, Well, Well approach!) is based on - the virtuous circle created when one area of your life improves and how, with the right support, the right systems and the right mindset, the perpetuation of that circle can be ongoing.

It's the root of my increasingly popular Wellbeing 101 talk: When we learn to look at the basics (Sleep, hydration, regular meals, fresh air, exercise, boundaries, laughter, love) and focus on getting those nailed, other parts of your life become easier to face, even the really tough ones, how much better we can approach multiple challenges, and how we can help ourselves to 

That same virtuous circle can be enjoyed in the workplace through creating positive cultures; having skilled, motivated and supported employees; and by enabling them to be their best

Colleagues who are made to feel valued, who are given the space to try new things, who are invested in (not just financially, but with focus and responsibility) - basically, who are happy; begin to flourish and shine even more in their work endeavours, and evidence is building to suggest that when employees feel valued and happy, organisations thrive 

My mentoring, my consultancy work, my research project, and my training and speak are all now rooted around this simple concept​ and my framework provides and creates that support, those systems and that mindset 

70 / 20 / 10 learning model

Just as important as my own Well-cubed framework is the in which I approach the training, development and coaching elements of work with consultancy clients


The 70:20:10 Model for Learning & Development is a commonly used formula within the training profession to describe the optimal sources of learning by successful managers

In my own career, I've benefitted from all three sources, but its only since investing in my own training, mentoring and coaching skills that I've discovered this establish formula

In all of my training & coaching work, I use this formula to get the best results for the individual and for the organisation.  All of my training courses, even the entry level courses you can buy and download online, all include workbooks to use and reference while working, and all include access to coaching calls within my groups.

"Claire is personable, real and engaging (everything you could ask for in a trainer). She provided good information about further reading beyond the session content with a range of her own personal recommendations and others. The information was backed up with statistics and reports and reinforced the credibility of what she delivered.  I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again"

Katherine Stybelski, British Heart Foundation

The combination of each of these distinct but complementary areas of WELL creates that virtuous circle; that growth and abundance mindset and behaviour; that perfect storm


It's the secret behind the success and balance I achieved in my own return to the workplace and the success and balance achieved within the lives of many of my clients' too

I apply the Well-cubed method to everything I do

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