best year ever!

I'll admit it here - I HATE March 31st every year.  It's the day where you have to say good bye to everything you've achieved in the financial year, and prepare to wind the clock and the counter back to zero.

Imagine if you could start work in January to make sure that you have the strongest possible start to 2019/20!

Imagine if you could work with a group of peers who are all in the same boat and who are all trying to balance the end of the year push (there's still a whole quarter left - loads you can do!) with planning that will allow you to hit the ground running on April 1st!

Imagine if you could have a structured and defined plan to guide your 2019/20 activities, ensuring you achieve the goals you've set!

Imagine if you could have a year like Paula's....

"Under Claire's mentorship, I restructured my team, increased Lottery profit from £18k to £110k, doubled community fundraising and devised & launched a legacy scheme.

Claire is supportive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, and I loved working with her!"

Paula Widdas - former Head of Fundraising , Halton Haven Hospice

I'm offering just that - focus, time, space, discussion, advice, peer support, accountability, encouragement and coaching , all wrapped up in one package.

Along with templates, top tips and a workbook to build into your operational plans

I'm looking to work with 10 fundraisers who want to take steps to ensuring a positive start to 2019!

You might be new in role.  This might be your first financial year leading a team. You might have been here before but have been tasked with new challenges that you're struggling to process and translate into tangible and achievable plans.  Or you might just be looking for support, help and guidance in a supportive group that "gets it!"


This is the course for you!

Together, we will work through a 4-week programme, reviewing 2018/19 activity and current position, assessing 2019/20 targets and challenges, and creating tactical plans to make sure 31st March is cause for excitement and anticipation not commiseration.

The course starts on Monday 7th January and runs until Friday 1st February.  It has been designed to run alongside not interfere with your day-to-day work.  

This is a new course, which I've not delivered in this way before.  This is a beta version of the course and therefore, there will be an element of testing and of trialling.  When run in the future, the cost of the course will be £497.  


I'm offering it on this occasion its beta format for just £199! An investment of £199 to ensure you're ready and set up to achieve your best year ever! 

Each week you will get: 

  • a video update to help shape  your thinking and crystallise what's needed

  • a challenge to work towards

  • a 1-2-1 coaching session

  • a live group chat

  • a guest post from a specialist in different areas to offer advice and a different perspective  

The course also includes a private facebook group for interaction and for posting where you're up to with the  up to with the challenge so that I and the rest of the group can comment



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