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Welcome to the little bit of the online world dedicated to Me and You!

Increasingly (even before Covid), it's in this virtual space that I'm working with people like you and your organisation, to help make change that improves management, culture and / or wellbeing, and to achieve the results you're looking for.


If you want to work with someone who is passionate about people and enabling them to do and be as well as possible, who will challenge your thinking, support your growth and who will be a source of calm, I am your woman


And,  if you've realised you were looking for something completely different and are here totally by mistake - read on anyway - maybe the universe is trying to tell you something!


This is me - the real, at home, selfie-photo, laughter-lined, grey-rooted, stuff in the background, me -

Claire Warner

entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, "Mrs Wellbeing", embarrassing mum, forgetful wife, fierce ally, netflixer, occasional potty-mouth and soap-box ranter,

cancer survivor, poor own-advice taker, squad member and  loyal friend

regularly found in a slogan tee or hoodie and much of the time, totally 'winging it'!

I've spent the whole of my 20+ year working career in the For-Good sector.  I've been a practitioner, a manager and a leader; a volunteer, a trustee and a supporter.  I even experienced life as a beneficiary for a while too - but that's a different story


All I've ever known is working in a sector committed to securing the income needed to help change the world. And what an awesome place it is to be​!

I've honed my craft in some inspiring organisations across the country. I've experienced some exhilarating highs and a few fairly crushing lows. But I've learnt a lot about me and about our sector along the way

I was a good Fundraiser.  But I was a GREAT manager and motivator - a million times better!.  This is a fact I avoided and ignored for many years.  It's the fact I now embrace and have built my consultancy career around

Claire Warner Fundraising Coach

Now I combine that talent for managing and motivating with a passion for wellbeing-centred culture and work with not for profit organisations and professionals across the UK and beyond.

And I am at my happiest, my most supportive, my most creative and productive, and my absolute best when working with and amongst these like-minded people - my #squad

In the main, this involves:


consultancy work with organisations like yours, working projects that explore and improve culture, management, and wellbeing; and


mentoring & coaching relationships with people like you, helping them to grow, develop and thrive in professional not for profit, fundraising, management and leadership roles

I use the 20+ years of learning, training, skills, research and experience to champion focus and investment in:

  • fundraising and fundraisers

  • management & leadership skills and excellence

  • organisational culture

  • nurturing people and talent

  • wellbeing

I LOVE, that my role now allows me to measure my own success through the successes of those whose teams, talents and careers I support and nurture, all of whom are successfully changing the world, and some of whom are leading teams of their own



to change the lives of not-for-profit

professionals and their organisations,

 by championing the benefit & value of

putting wellbeing at their core,

and then helping them to do so


These six values run through the core of my life in general as well as underpinning my work

They dictate who I will and won't work with; how I work; how I approach work; what you can expect of me; what I expect of you; and, where you will see me voice my opinions or help amplify the voices of others

I am a typical WYSIWIG - what you see is what you get - I LOVE work, but I also love to get away from work.  I am passionate and compassionate.  I am a bit soap-boxy and a bit sweary,  but it all comes from a place of wanting to do my bit to help those who want to change the world, do it from a well-supported and well-centred place,

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Why would you NOT want to help everyone
around you be as great as they can be? 

Claire Warner Do More Good Podcast

July 2019

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